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Offshore Services

International Corporate Structures

Many large international groups of companies have low tax jurisdictions somewhere within their corporate structures. These can be very effective at reducing the overall tax burden on multi-national groups.

Nominee Facilities

We have accredited experts, partners who are members of the Academy of Experts and/or the Expert Witness Institute.

Offshore Companies & Trusts

Directors and Trustees of entities in offshore environments have to have control of the entity’s assets for many structures to work.

We have trusted advisors in most reputable low tax jurisdictions worldwide and can arrange for companies, Trusts and other entities to be formed as required.

Tax Planning for Non-UK Domiciles

There are many tax advantages that can be enjoyed by non-UK domiciliaries living in the UK.

The most effective planning must be done before an individual takes up residence here. As with most offshore tax planning, it is preferable to get the structure in place as early as possible, so that as much as possible of future value created can be sheltered, as far as it is possible to do so legitimately.

Examples of advantages to be enjoyed by non-UK domiciliaries are:

  • No UK Income Tax on income arising outside the UK unless the income is remitted here.
  • Assets settled in Trust before becoming a UK resident can remain outside of the UK Estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.
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