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Episode 147 - BWB Extra - The Headhunter with Lewis Maleh

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Lewis Maleh, Founder & CEO of Bentley Lewis, an award winning global boutique executive search firm where we get to know more about what makes him tick and how he came to be one the leading global minds on what's next in the workplace, how hiring and attracting talent is evolving and what people are really looking for from work.

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Previous Episodes

Episode 25 - Jurate Hardy - Hardy Marketing Solutions

"If you want to enter a market, you have to spend time in that market"

Jurate Hardy of Hardy Marketing Solutions joins Andrew and Dominic on this week’s episode of Business without Bullsh-t.

A former professional tennis player turned Product Marketing Agent, Jurate has a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the Eastern European and Russian markets. She gives a fascinating insight into the realities of doing business in Eastern Europe, the cultural complexities of Russian business etiquette and how to prepare yourself to become a successful Product Marketing Agent in those markets. Dominic also tells us about his unexpected Brexit talks with locals in Naples.

Want to know more? Pull up a chair and press play.

Episode 24 - Best Of 2020

Happy New Year!

For 2021’s first episode of Business without Bullsh-t, Andrew and Dominic thought they’d take a look back over their favourite moments of 2020 in conversation with some of Oury Clark’s most delightful and enlightening clients.

Episode 23 with Juliet Oury - Robert White - IDC

“Data is like water for businesses, it's essential”

In the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t Dominic Frisby is joined by a new face in place of regular co-host Andrew, Juliet Oury also a partner at Oury Clark and Andrew's sister!

Their guest is Robert White, COO for Western Europe at International Data Corporation (IDC) and CFO for EMEA. IDC provides market intelligence, advisory services, and hosts events for the IT, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

In this episode, Robert shares a little about the history of IDC, how the business has adapted to 2020, and some predictions around what the future of data looks like.

Episode 22 - Courtney Fingar - Investment Monitor

“No market is perfect”

Business Journalist and former Editor-In-Chief of the FT’s fDi magazine, Courtney Fingar, is the latest guest on the Business without Bullsh-t. With a 20-year career in business journalism, Courtney has become Editor-in-Chief of the recently-launched Investment Monitor, part of New Statesman Media Group.

She joins Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby to discuss the online publication, international investment, and the future of journalism.

Episode 21 - Olafur Thorkerlsson - Data Dwell

“The digital footprints we leave start to paint a picture"

Joining Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby on the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t is Olafur Thorkelsson. Originally from Iceland and with a passion for tech, Olafur is CEO and Co-founder of Data Dwell, a software provider making content work harder for marketing and sales teams.

The three discuss big data, utilising digital footprints and cultural difference in sales, as well as the benefits of colonising mars.

Episode 20 - Tom Jeffs - Lucidica

“You’ve always got to be positive as a business owner - it's all about the journey”

Tom Jeffs joins Andy and Dominic in the latest episode of Business Without Bullsh-t. Founder and Director of Lucidica, an IT support and consulting company with offices in both London and Kiev, Tom and the hosts layout a mini-history lesson of VAT (we have the French to thank!), what its like setting up a business in Ukraine and how you can go about taking advantage of the government's R&D tax relief.

Episode 19 - Roy Moëd - LifeBook

"Purpose is everything"

Joining Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby on the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t is serial entrepreneur Roy Moëd. Roy is Founder and CEO of bespoke memoir service, LifeBook. Inspired by his own father's experience with creating an autobiography, Roy set up LifeBook in 2010 with the aim to give elder adults new-found purpose and a project to stimulate their minds.

The three discuss the ageing population, the therapeutic power of the memoir process, and how to go about creating a legacy.

Episode 18 - Noel Duncan - SiSU Health

“If you measure it, it matters”

Joining Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby on the latest episode of Business without Bullsh*t podcast is Noel Duncan. Noel is CEO of SiSU Health, a preventative health platform empowering people to “own their health” through data-tracking and personalised programs and services.

The three discuss enhancing the public’s health literacy, learning from data, and the psychologies we can use to incentivise behaviour changes.

Episode 17 - Ben Thompson - Employment Hero

“Geography is no longer a fundamental constraint to employment”

Business without Bullsh-t is joined in this latest episode by Ben Thompson, CEO at Employment Hero, an employment management platform in the cloud/virtual employment management platform.

Ben talks Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby through his recent plans for international expansion, how the disruption of the pandemic has catalysed flexible working behaviours on a mass-scale, and what is in store for the future of borderless work. Also listen out for a wonderful chicken analogy.

Episode 16 - Lachlan Faulkner - Stiltz

“You need a sh*t load of naivety and a huge amount of arrogance”

Business without Bullsh-t is joined on the latest episode by one of Oury Clark’s ex-clients Lachlan Faulkner: Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Stiltz Lifts. Since venturing over from Aus to set up the business in 2010, Stiltz has seen rapid growth and was this year awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2020.

Alongside Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby, Lachlan discusses the economic time bomb that is Britain’s ageing population, what it takes to grow a business, and why those big companies have to buy innovation.

Episode 15 - David Rogers - Ferra Group

"Businesses are getting really good at gathering data, I just don’t think we’re very good at using it"

Business without Bullsh-t is joined this week by David Rogers. Having once walked the halls of Oury Clark, David is now Director of Accounting for an aerospace engineering firm, the Ferra Group.

With Dominic Frisby and Andy Oury, David discusses the recent impact of coronavirus on aerospace and some of the uncomfortable questions that surround the industry. The three also chat all things accountancy (what some may call the world’s second oldest profession); how accountancy has changed over the years, the importance of keeping up to date with tech, and what the skill-set of an accountant may need to look like in the future.

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