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Episode 266 - Michael Akadiri - Junior Doctor & Comedian

Michael is a junior doctor, multi-award winning comedian and health commentator.

We discuss the current state of UK healthcare, the plight of NHS workers, and how to improve working conditions. Michael tells us about his double life as a junior doctor and comedian, best and worst moments on stage and his long-term plans. He also explains why feeling the need to perform at Edinburgh Fringe Festival qualifies for the big bin of bullshit

Michael's recommendations:

Natives: Race & Class In The Ruins Of Empire - Akala (book)

Love Is Blind (TV show)

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Previous Episodes

Episode 111 - James Berg - Founder - Picaroons

Joining us this week is James Berg, founder of Picaroons, a content creation agency.

His experience as a digital insights expert and content strategist led him to working with the likes of Facebook, IBM, Philips, Samsung, SEAT, Booking.com, GSK, ESPN, Bupa and P&G.

James is also a qualified business coach and published author. His book ‘104 Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Sales’ has helped over 3,000 businesses plan and implement their social media marketing. As a sought-after speaker James has educated over 2,000 SME’s, startups and charities on how to increase their sales, donations and leads online.

A bright young mind with great chat!

Episode 110 - New York Sessions #3 - Sandi Burrows & Ed Burstell

Welcome to part 3 of our New York Sessions! Recorded on location at the Beekham Hotel in Lower Manhattan, we spoke to Brand Developing experts Sandi Burrows and Ed Burstell about their careers journeys and how they came to join forces and start their brand consultancy Burburs.

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Episode 109 - BWB Extra - The Electric Revolution with Guy Haydon & Darren Gardner

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Guy Haydon and Darren Gardner, Directors at Zaptec UK where we speak about all things Electric Vehicles as well as how Guy and Darren are approaching their recruitment process. They're building a new company culture with the aim of creating a fully modernised workplace where their employee's wellbeing is prioritised just as much as profit margins.

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Episode 108 - Guy Haydon & Darren Gardner - Directors - Zaptec

Joining us this week are Guy Haydon, Managing Director and Darren Gardner, Commercial Director of Zaptec UK - an innovative Norwegian manufacturer of world-leading EV charging systems.

We speak about all things from electric cars to recruitment practices to company culture to why you should NEVER mix business with pleasure ;) A very colourful conversation to say the least!

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Episode 107 - New York Sessions #2 - Nathan Oglesby PhD


Welcome to part 2 of our New York Sessions! Recorded on location at the Beekham Hotel in Lower Manhattan, we spoke to Poet, Producer and Professor Nathan Oglesby, also known as Nathanology about his work as conscious rapper and all things education reform, philanthropy right through to his first proper job and how he would fix capitalism. An epic conversation to say the least. Strap in a press play.

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Episode 106 - BWB Extra - Economies of War with Courtney Fingar


This week's episode of BWB Extra continues our conversation with Courtney Fingar, Editor-In-Chief of Investment Monitor who opens up to talk about all things FDi and globalisation, the very personal topic of Russia's Ukraine invasion and the effect it's having both economically and personally as well as discussing the links between social media's manipulated disinformation economy and the general state of civil unrest we're experiencing across the world.

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

Episode 105 - Courtney Fingar - Editor-In-Chief - Investment Monitor

Our returning guest this week is Courtney Fingar, Editor-In-Chief of Investment Monitor, a digital publication focused on foreign direct investment which launched in September 2020 and is part of GlobalData plc.

Before joining the group in 2020, Ms Fingar spent 15 years with the Financial Times where she was editor-in-chief of fDi Magazine and the head of content for its data division, fDi Intelligence, as well as a contributing writer for the FT newspaper.

Courtney has covered business stories in all major regions of the world and has been on assignment to more than 80 countries in her career. She’s a popular panellist and moderator at international economic gatherings and has appeared on television and radio as a commentator on international investment.

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Episode 104 - New York Sessions #1 - Lord Mayor of London

Welcome to part 1 of our New York Sessions series! Recorded live at the New York Stock Exchange, we managed to bag some time with Vincent Keaveny, the 693rd Lord Mayor of London while on tour in the USA and Canada as the UK's ambassador for financial services and tech sector. A big thank you to City of London Corporation and London & Partners for making this happen. Now strap in and press play.

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Episode 103 - Dan Ipsen - Managing Director & CEO - Pincvision

Joining us this week is Dan Ipsen, Managing Director of Pincvision, a trade compliance company focusing on providing RegTech solutions for Multi Nationals.

Dan grew up in Denmark, has lived and worked in Sierra Leone, Netherlands, Canada, worked at Uber, studied at Harvard and has recently moved to the UK to expand Pincvision.

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Episode 102 - BWB Extra - The Hoffman Effect with Gideon Hoffman

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Gideon Hoffman who gives us the lowdown on two of his current occupations: Attribute 360, Gideon's improved take on providing bespoke, value-for-money advertising stratagies by combining digital and traditional media specific to the client's needs and outcomes, and the second is Gideon's work as a Trustee at the Royal National Institute For Deaf People where he helps with making life fully inclusive for deaf people and those with hearing loss, a condition that Gideon has lived with his whole life.

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Episode 101 - Gideon Hoffman - Founder & Advisor

Meet the man who's part-responsible for setting up HMRC (for you lovely non-UK listeners, that's Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) and was at the centre of what became a giant media storm surrounding the Gambling Act with his emails debated at Prime Minister's Questions.

Gideon Hoffman is a decorated businessman who works across media, technology and finance. A trustee at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (Gideon lives with an impaired hearing condition) and a lover of startups and growing businesses, Gideon is passionate about challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries. With a past life as policy maker at HM Treasury and now an avid Founder, Advisor and Trustee, Gideon is a man with a wealth of stories to tell and advice to give.

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

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