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Episode 266 - Michael Akadiri - Junior Doctor & Comedian

Michael is a junior doctor, multi-award winning comedian and health commentator.

We discuss the current state of UK healthcare, the plight of NHS workers, and how to improve working conditions. Michael tells us about his double life as a junior doctor and comedian, best and worst moments on stage and his long-term plans. He also explains why feeling the need to perform at Edinburgh Fringe Festival qualifies for the big bin of bullshit

Michael's recommendations:

Natives: Race & Class In The Ruins Of Empire - Akala (book)

Love Is Blind (TV show)

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Previous Episodes

Episode 78 - Sustainability Special - Andy Hawkins

We continue to our mission to demystify the complex world of Sustainability in conversation with Andy Hawkins, founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Business on Purpose whose aim is to empower people to do more business on purpose, as a force for good, for people, planet and profit.

Andy’s been working with companies and clients for more than 20 years helping them transform the way they work using technology. He also spent 5 years working on community development in Africa and a further 5 years in environmental services too, experiences which equipped him to help clients assess and improve their Environmental, Social and Governance culture aka ESG.

Get your green cape on, strap in and press play.

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Episode 77 - BWB Extra - Scoring Sustainability with Austin Simms

How do you know if a product has been sustainably produced? How do you even measure it? How do we approach affecting this change globally? we continue our conversation with Austin Simms, Co-Founder and COO of Dayrize who are on a mission to create a new approach to sustainable shopping online.

Welcome to Scoring Sustainability.

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Episode 76 - Sustainability Special - Austin Simms

Up next as part of our Sustainability Special series is Austin Simms, Co-Founder and COO at Dayrize - a new approach to sustainable shopping online, making it easy and enjoyable to buy goods that do good.

After 20+ years spent working in senior marketing positions at major corporations around the world, Austin had a desire to use his skills to address climate change. With a strong marketing background, he believed that putting the power in consumer's hands was important to make real change. He recognized that the first thing that needed to change was consumer access to information to make better decisions, which is why he co-founded Dayrize in 2021 and developed the Dayrize Score tool.

Austin believes commerce and sustainability are linked, and ultimately, business needs to be a major catalyst for addressing climate change.

Pull up a chair and don't forget your notepad.

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Episode 75 - Business vs. Bullsh*t - NBCC Special with Kyrre Haugen

Welcome to this week’s special episode of BWB where we’re joined by Kyrre Haugan, General Manager of the NBCC.

We were lucky enough to recently attend their marvellous 115th Anniversary event where we managed to persuade Kyrre to let us record a special version of Business vs. Bullsh*t, on the ground, with guests who were attending the event, which, let’s say, became more and more colourful as the night progressed. In this episode we shall be playing the night’s recordings alongside hearing from Kyrre himself about all things NBCC and find out how much Andy ended up paying for his charity auction bid!

Loads of fun in this one, all for a good cause. Pull up a chair and press play.

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Episode 74 - BWB Extra - Corporate Sustainability 101 with Maya Hennerkes

Hello and welcome to this week's episode of BWB Extra where we continue our conversation with the wonderful Maya Hennerkes, an expert in sustainable finance and Director of Climate Strategy and Delivery, and Green Financial Systems at the European Bank Of Reconstruction and Development (now there's a mouth full!)

In this episode we focus on unpacking the European Bank's working model and how they've structured their mandate to implement sustainability and ESG considerations into their projects. We also hear Maya's take on what sustainability in business actually looks like and where most people are going wrong with their approach to incorporating it into their company's action plans.

What does it mean to be green? how do you become ESG compliant? what's the benchmark?

Welcome to Corporate Sustainability 101.

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Episode 73 - Sustainability Special - Maya Hennerkes

Kicking off our Sustainability Special series where we focus on unpacking the ever-evolving and extremely confusing world of ESG is the brilliant Maya Hennerkes, Director of Climate Strategy and Delivery, and Green Financial Systems at the European Bank Of Reconstruction and Development (now there's a mouth full!)

Maya is a sustainable finance expert with almost 20 years of experience and leads EBRDs environmental and social work with financial institutions and private equity funds. She promotes the integration of climate and social issues in investment decisions and financial management, and manages the environmental and social risk management and safeguard frameworks for EBRDs financial institution and private equity fund clients.

Already confused? don't worry, so are we. That's why we spoke to an expert like Maya, so she can help us making sense of it all. And boy does she deliver.

Strap in, press play and be prepared to have your ESG lid blown right off.

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Episode 72 - BWB Extra - Africa's Innovation with Tedd George

This week we continue our conversation with Tedd George CNO of Kleos Advisory where we explore one of his areas of passionate expertise - African emerging markets. We speak about Tedd's economic work in Africa and hear about his abundance of experiences and knowledge about the continent which have led him to become a leading expert and spokesperson.

What's holding Africa back and how is it excelling? what's today's definition of an African entrepreneur? should the rest of the world be paying more attention?

Welcome to Africa’s Innovation.

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Episode 71 - Tedd George - Kleos Advisory


Welcoming Tedd George this week who is the founder and Chief Narrative Officer of Kleos Advisory providing thought leadership and strategic advisory on African markets, commodity value chains and a range of disruptive technology.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, Tedd has a diverse range of specialities including African and emerging markets, soft commodities, trade and trade finance, and ESG. He's also a media commentator and regularly appears as chairman, speaker and moderator on the world conference and webinar circuits.

Born and bred in London, Tedd has a passion for travel and foreign languages which has taken him across Europe, Latin America and Africa. A linguist by training, he's fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese and likes giving talks at universities and schools on his favourite subjects – the Cuban Revolution and Africa’s Digital Transformation.

His book "Stirring Up Sheffield: An Insider’s Account Of The Battle To Build The Crucible Theatre" which he co-wrote with his father, Colin George is out now.

This conversation is so mind bendingly epic, we don't quite know where to start with describing it! what we do know is that we'll be doing an extended run over the next 2 weeks, the only way to do Tedd's enormous wealth of knowledge, experience and personality some justice.

Strap in and press play. We'll see you on the other side.

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Episode 70 - BWB Extra - Surviving Through Faith with Jennifer Ogunyemi

This week our continued conversation with Jennifer Ogunyemi takes a different direction .. away from business talk and towards hearing her life story about abandonment and homelessness at 16 years old, being rejected by her family and living in hostels through to finding strength and positivity in Islam which became her life line and helped her become the successful business woman she is today.

It's a story which we believe is an incredible example of how people can deal with extreme adversity and use it as a basis to flourish both personally and professionally .. the kind of perspective we all need from time to time to keep ourselves in check.

Welcome to Survival Through Faith.

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Episode 69 - Jennifer Ogunyemi - Sisters In Business

Our guest this week is Jennifer Ogunyemi, a business owner, author, mentor and speaker. She is the founder of Sisters in Business which aims to support women from all walks of life on their entrepreneurial journey.

Our 2 part conversation with Jennifer takes us through Jennifer's gripping life story: from being homeless at 16 years old living in hostels, to finding solace in Islam, to becoming the self-aware, driven individual (and mother of 4!) she is today, part 1 of our conversation gives us insight into Jennifer's current life and reality as Founder and Leader of Sisters in Business, a platform set up for women of all races and religions to network, collaborate and be inspired.

Jennifer is passionate about representation, religious diversity and Inclusion. After a 10 year career at the NHS working with diverse and vulnerable communities, Jennifer decided to step away and focus on what she cares about the most - changing the narrative of the Muslim business woman. And it was in 2017 whilst 6 months pregnant that Jennifer setup “Sisters in Business” as a reaction to her feeling lonely and isolated after a business venture of hers failed. She wanted to connect with women who understood her faith as well as the reality of business.

Today, Sisters in Business has held over 30 networking brunches with over 1500 women of all races and religions walking through the doors and has become a safe space for women to network, collaborate, and be inspired. Jennifer is a firm believer that female entrepreneurs can be successful without compromising their values, beliefs or family and community roles.

Pull up a chair and press play.

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Episode 68 - BWB Extra - Voicing My Community with Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

This week we continues our conversation with Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, a Channel 4 Sports Reporter, Journalist and Founder of Blakademik - an independent media network set up to celebrate, inspire and uplift black culture which Jordan felt compelled to create due to the misrepresentation he was seeing in mainstream media about his community and the adverse effect it was having on the younger generation.

We talk about Black Lives Matter and how non-black people should best address what happened, and get to hear Jordan's perspective on why he thinks business prejudice exists, both in the Black community and beyond, and how we can collectively address it to overcome false bias opinions to give all people an equal chance in excelling (oh and expect some tax and marriage chat too ;)

Welcome to Voicing My Community.

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