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Episode 82 - BWB Extra - Making A Man with Jerry Hyde

We continue our conversation with Author and Mentor Jerry Hyde and dig deeper into the roots of Jerry's recent documentary "Make Me A Man" where members of Jerry's male therapy groups are interviewed to show what conscious masculinity looks like.

We also hear about how Jerry's approach to therapy practice differs between male and female clients and discuss the much broader topic of gender stereotypes, their place in society and whether they're still valid in today's world.

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Previous Episodes

Episode 70 - BWB Extra - Surviving Through Faith with Jennifer Ogunyemi

This week our continued conversation with Jennifer Ogunyemi takes a different direction .. away from business talk and towards hearing her life story about abandonment and homelessness at 16 years old, being rejected by her family and living in hostels through to finding strength and positivity in Islam which became her life line and helped her become the successful business woman she is today.

It's a story which we believe is an incredible example of how people can deal with extreme adversity and use it as a basis to flourish both personally and professionally .. the kind of perspective we all need from time to time to keep ourselves in check.

Welcome to Survival Through Faith.

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Episode 69 - Jennifer Ogunyemi - Sisters In Business

Our guest this week is Jennifer Ogunyemi, a business owner, author, mentor and speaker. She is the founder of Sisters in Business which aims to support women from all walks of life on their entrepreneurial journey.

Our 2 part conversation with Jennifer takes us through Jennifer's gripping life story: from being homeless at 16 years old living in hostels, to finding solace in Islam, to becoming the self-aware, driven individual (and mother of 4!) she is today, part 1 of our conversation gives us insight into Jennifer's current life and reality as Founder and Leader of Sisters in Business, a platform set up for women of all races and religions to network, collaborate and be inspired.

Jennifer is passionate about representation, religious diversity and Inclusion. After a 10 year career at the NHS working with diverse and vulnerable communities, Jennifer decided to step away and focus on what she cares about the most - changing the narrative of the Muslim business woman. And it was in 2017 whilst 6 months pregnant that Jennifer setup “Sisters in Business” as a reaction to her feeling lonely and isolated after a business venture of hers failed. She wanted to connect with women who understood her faith as well as the reality of business.

Today, Sisters in Business has held over 30 networking brunches with over 1500 women of all races and religions walking through the doors and has become a safe space for women to network, collaborate, and be inspired. Jennifer is a firm believer that female entrepreneurs can be successful without compromising their values, beliefs or family and community roles.

Pull up a chair and press play.

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Episode 68 - BWB Extra - Voicing My Community with Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

This week we continues our conversation with Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, a Channel 4 Sports Reporter, Journalist and Founder of Blakademik - an independent media network set up to celebrate, inspire and uplift black culture which Jordan felt compelled to create due to the misrepresentation he was seeing in mainstream media about his community and the adverse effect it was having on the younger generation.

We talk about Black Lives Matter and how non-black people should best address what happened, and get to hear Jordan's perspective on why he thinks business prejudice exists, both in the Black community and beyond, and how we can collectively address it to overcome false bias opinions to give all people an equal chance in excelling (oh and expect some tax and marriage chat too ;)

Welcome to Voicing My Community.

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Episode 67 - Jordan Jarrett-Bryan - Blakademik

We have an EPIC episode run kicking off this week with the brilliant Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, a Channel 4 Sports Reporter, Journalist and Founder of Blakademik.

Jordan started in journalism as Editor of the youth publication Live Magazine and has gone on to write for various magazines and newspapers including Dazed & Confused, DJ Mag, Sunday Times, Time Out, The Independent and The Guardian. He can also be heard co-hosting on Talk Sport's "TS Extra Time" and is an occasional guest on the Guardian Football Weekly podcast.

Jordan is also the founder of Blakademik - an online platform set up in 2018 focusing on discussing Black Culture and current affairs with the perspective of black voices at the forefront.

Our conversation takes a deep dive into Jordan's life experiences which have ultimately shaped him to become the self-aware, confident and driven individual he is today both personally and professionally. From presenting on Channel 4 to running his own media network and production company and still finding time to mentor young people, Jordan has created a truly authentic profession and purpose for himself.

There's so much great insight and perspective in this episode with an even bigger part 2 coming up next week! we're truly excited for you to hear it.

Pull up a chair, open your ears and press play.

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Episode 66 - Ryan Welmans - CEO of Sopro

Joining us this week is Ryan Welmans, CEO at Sopro - a B2B service which helps identify, engage and generate potential customer leads for businesses.

Ryan co-founded Sopro in 2015 after several senior business setup and growth roles, and to-date, Sopro has grown to international acclaim with a multi-million pound turnover and winning various high profile awards along the way.

Our conversation with Ryan unpacks the mechanics of how successful B2B email marketing actually works: from the conversational nuance in subject lines to using tech to fully personalise a person's click-thru experience to your website, Ryan tells us everything about how to make a meaningful impact in a person's inbox and even vastly improve a business's cold-calling strategy. We also hear how Ryan grew Sopro to become a 250+ person team taking care of hundreds of clients as well as become an incubator for new business.

Another packed episode full of straight talking advice minus the BS.

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Episode 65 - BWB Extra - Our Augmented Future with Ingvi Logason

Imagine being able to put on AR glasses and experience the battle of Hastings, interactively. That's exactly the kind of experience being developed by New Reality, Ingvi Logason's VR and AR company.

This week we continue our conversation with the tech start-up entrepreneur and investor who unpacks what the future of augmented reality in society could look like with the kind of work he's doing at New Reality whose focus is to develop technology for museums, historical sites and even educational institutions allowing them to deliver their experiences with the added value of of VR and AR. Pretty wild stuff!

Welcome to Our Augmented Future.

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Episode 64 - Ingvi Jökull Logason - H: N Marketing

Joining us this week one of Iceland's leading figures in business and innovation - Ingvi Jökull Logason.

Ingvi is a Tech start-up entrepreneur, investor and serial advertising agency founder. He owns and operates businesses from Iceland all the way to Indonesia with his current focus being in the Virtual and Augmented Reality space with his company, New Reality.

We take a deep dive into how Ingvi's early life experiences have shaped him to be the person is today: strong, positive parental influences coupled with a natural appetite to explore, take risks and satisfy curiosity have been the perfect concoction for Invgi's entrepreneurial mindset and wisdom. We also get to hear about Ingvi's vision on how VR and AR will transform society as we know it, plus lots more.

A socialist at heart both personally and professionally, it's easy to see how Ingvi's outlook keeps his empire growing and thriving. Pull up a chair, press play and take notes.

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Episode 63 - BWB Extra - Making Content Engage with James Loveridge

Ever wondered what 'engagement' in social media actually means? and what gets more video more views: a mouth-open or mouth-closed thumbnail? and who actually runs Gordon Ramsey's YouTube account? (hint, it's not Gordon Ramsey). All plus more is revealed in this week's episode of BWB Extra where we continue our conversation with the brilliant James Loveridge, Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios.

We take a deeper dive into how the mechanics of running profitable social media actually works at Little Dot who take care of a plethora of successful client channels as well as running their very own media network.

James also tells us about how the industry has grown, changed and clamped down over the years and how Little Dot manages to stay ahead of the curve, as well as blowing the lid off his bug bear about the binary view towards creativity he sees all too often these days in the younger generation.

Welcome, to Making Content Engage.

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Episode 62 - James Loveridge - Little Dot Studios

Joining us this week is the delightful James Loveridge, Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios, a leading digital agency and media network.

James has worked in the Entertainment industry for over a decade for companies like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. As Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios, James oversees client operations for some of the largest international broadcasters, producers and studios like NBCUniversal, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Pictures TV, Discovery.

And as if that wasn’t enough, James also side-hustles as a stand-up comedian. He’s toured worldwide and has written and performed in 3 solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which got him nominated for Best Show in 2016 for his show "James Loveridge: Castles in the Sand".

Alongside covering our staple BWB questions, we get a very humorous look in to what it's like being Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios. James speaks about the reality of his job's expectations, how he manages it all and what he's learnt along the way which includes tips on how to entertain your team with trips to Thorpe Park!

If you want to hear the perfect mix of great business advice and lashings of unfiltered hilarity, pull up a chair and press play.

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Episode 61 - BWB Extra - Gaming & Addiction with Drew Holt-Kentwell

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with former gamer and founder of Catalyst E-Sports Solutions, Drew Holt-Kentwell who is also a qualified mental health counsellor in Singapore and runs a youth charity which focuses on gaming and device addiction and general wellness issues that youths face in Singapore.

Drew unpacks the reality of addiction and mental health issues in gaming where he talks about the difference between E-Sports and gaming, what it's like to be a professional E-Sports player in the industry, the range of effects too much gaming can have on a person's health as well as talk about the counselling work he does to help tackle addiction.

Do professional gamers suffer from mental health problems? who should police gaming? is it all bad or are there any benefits? it's all up for discussion.

Welcome, to Gaming & Addiction.

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Episode 60 - Drew Holt-Kentwell - Catalyst E-Sports Solutions

Happy New Year! we kick off 2022 with our 60th episode joined by our Singapore based guest, Drew Holt-Kentwell.

Drew is the founder of Catalyst E-Sports Solutions, an end-to-end E-Sports marketing agency with past and present clients including Lenovo, Corsair and the Singapore Government.

As a former professional gamer, Drew moved from the UK to Singapore 10 years ago as the former Head of Global E-Sports at Razer, and since has worked across nearly every facet of the E-Sports industry. He combines his global E-Sports expertise and network with an intimate knowledge of how the South-East Asian E-Sports industry works from within. Drew is also one of the founding board members of the Singapore E-Sports Association which is the official National Sports Association in the country.

And to top it off, Drew is also a qualified mental health counsellor in Singapore and runs a youth charity which focuses on gaming and device addiction as well as other wellness issues that youths face in Singapore.

Drew talks us through the world of E-Sports, how marketing actually works in the industry and how it differs from traditional marketing as well as answering our staple BWB questions relative to E-Sports and marketing. We also speak about the effects of Gaming on mental health, a subject which Drew is passionate about, which we will elaborate on much more in our Extra episode next week.

In the meantime, pull up a chair and press play on our first show for 2022.

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