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Episode 148 - David Spickett - Founder - The Car Crowd

Meet David Spickett, Founder of TheCarCrowd - the UK's first fractional ownership platform dedicated to passion assets with the aim of democratising investment .... starting with classic cars.

Initially based in financial services and consultancy, most recently as the managing director of a UK Fintech business lending company​ ​Liberis​, ​David formed TheCarCrowd in 2019 with a vision to democratise the strongest performing​ ​investment classes and allow passionate people a way of joining together to own and benefit​ ​from the assets they love.

With a growing investment community in the heart of the East Midlands, investors can come​ ​together at events and community dinners to share their passions, and investment stories​ ​together.

“We wanted to disrupt traditional investments and make the items that have​ ​been traditionally reserved for the rich available to a wider audience.​ ​Enabling petrol heads and savvy investors a chance to come together and​ ​benefit from investing in the assets of their dreams.”

Strap in, press play and hold on to your seatbelt!

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Previous Episodes

Episode 125 - BWB Extra - The Numbers Game with Carol Alexander

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Carol Alexander, Professor of Finance at Sussex University Business School. We hear more about Carol's love for Mathematics and why she is now passionate about writing papers on Crypto and Blockchain instead of traditional financial markets (hint - she does like banks!). And you'll also hear us have a good chat about the state of UK politics in this new emerging world of digital currency and what we really think of Rishi Sunak ..

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Episode 124 - Crypto Special - Carol Alexander - Professor of Finance - Sussex University


Meet Carol Alexander, Professor of Finance at Sussex University who is an expert in FinTech, blockchains and crypto amongst a whole raft of other things. She also holds BSc in Mathematics with Experimental Psychology (First Class) and a PhD in Algebraic Number Theory from the University of Sussex, and an MSc in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Carol is also the author of the best-selling textbook “Market Models” and of the four-volume textbook series Market Risk Analysis amogst others and has also published a raft of industry paper publications which you can find at www.carolalexander.org or her University of Sussex profile pages.

Our extended conversation takes a deep dive into the entire framework of all things Crypto and FinTech. From hearing Carol's crystal clear explanations on what crypto, blockchain and smart contracts actually are and how they work, to discussing NFTs, how they'll shape society's future and the rise of Web 3.0, we leave no stone unturned!

Clear your diary, pull up a chair and press play (and don't forget your notebook!)

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Episode 123 - BWB Extra - Family Food Affair with Amy Poon

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Amy Poon, Founder at Poon’s London. We dive deeper into discussing Amy’s life growing up in the Chinese restaurant business, her dad’s migration to the UK, to him becoming a Michelin Star chef and building the original Poon’s restaurant empire and what Amy has planned for the resurrection of Poon's London and their passion for good quality Soya Sauce.

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Episode 122 - Amy Poon - Founder - Poon's London

Meet Amy Poon, Founder at Poon's London who create signature Chinese sauces and fresh wontons for nationwide home delivery.

Amy was born in London and educated at University of Oxford where she obtained a third class degree in Japanese and has lived in Geneva, Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore. A jack of all trades and master of none, she has tutored in French and Latin, worked as a hostess, marketed Patek Philippe watches, opened a champagne bar in Singapore’s red-light district, sold contemporary Asian art, run an event company, sat on the board of UN Women in Singapore and written two books.

Amy returned to London in 2018 to resurrect the family food business that she vowed never to get involved in. Our chat with the lady herself reveals all!

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Episode 121 - BWB Extra - Kitchen Culture with Ian Woodley

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Ian Woodley, Founder at Finance Kitchen where we talk all things restaurants, dark kitchens, Deliveroo and that time Ian saved the Cinnamon Club from never opening.

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Episode 120 - Ian Woodley - Founder - Finance Kitchen

Meet Ian Woodley, Founder of Finance Kitchen which specialises in investment raises and debt funding for the restaurant and grocery sectors.

25 years of experience led Ian to set up the Now Financial group which focused on business rescue and was voted "Business Rescue Funder of the Year" at the Insolvency Awards 2009. In 2015 the time came to turn a passion as a home cook into a profession and Finance Kitchen was formed to facilitate finance for new and growing restaurants.

Outside of work Ian has been involved in a number of sports clubs. Chairman of Dulwich Hamlet FC, Founder of Perrywood FC ( 25 years old this year) Junior Chairman of East Grinstead Hockey Club, Minis Chairman and Head of Community Rugby at Chobham Rugby. He has a keen interest in Americana music and was until recently South East Chairman of the Social Democratic Party.

A fascinating chat with a man who's seen and done a lot, both professionally and personally and still does!

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Episode 119 - New York Sessions #6 - Josh Auerbach - COO - Aura Frames

Part 6 of our New York Sessions is live! Recorded on location at the Beekham Hotel in Lower Manhattan, we spoke to Josh Auerbach, COO of Aura Frames, a digital pitcure frame which let's you instantly frame photos from your phone and invite your favorite people to join in, making sharing photos & videos delightfully simple. All that alongside the usual Q&A chat in true BWB fashion ;)

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Episode 118 - BWB Extra - Guiding Lanterns with Michelle Kvello

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Michelle Kvello, Founder of Lantern Partners, a virtual CFO advisory firm where we talk more about the business's working principles how they operate. We also share stories about difficult client scenarios we've experienced and how they've been dealt with as well as discuss the current state Australia's startup community, labour shortages and immigration policies.

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

Episode 117 - Michelle Kvello - Virtual CFO - Lantern Partners

Meet Michelle Kvello, Founder of Lantern Partners, a CFO advisory firm with the objective of propelling fast-growing businesses to success. Named one of the top 50 women in accounting in 2021 by Ignition, and a finalist for CFO of the year 2022 (Australian Accounting Awards), Michelle is not only highly regarded in the Finance and CFO space, but she is also passionate about using her voice and her stories to support women in the industry, and support individuals moving from corporate roles into their consulting dream.

Michelle's expertise lies in helping businesses understand and harness their financials. She contributes fundamental strategic and commercial finance advice and provides hands-on support to ensure businesses achieve their goals.

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Episode 116 - New Sessions #5 - Lindsay Stewart & Brian McNeill

Part 5 of our New York Sessions is live! Recorded on location at the Beekham Hotel in Lower Manhattan, we spoke to Founders Lindsay Stewart & Brian McNeill about Stringr, their powerful remote video news gathering solution for broadcast and online journalism as well as their new product Iconik, a cloud-native solution that gathers and organizes media securely from any storage, alongside the usual Q&A chat in true BWB fashion.

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Episode 115 - Neil Parker - FX Market Strategist - Natwest

Continuing our conversation with Neil Parker, FX Market Strategist at Natwest and all-round economy expert where we hear more about how he got to where he is today, his views on Brexit, his perspective on FX Markets and what he thinks is "Business" and "Not Business" in our Business vs. Bullshit quick fire round!

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