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Episode 52 - Sam Wigan and Renee Elliott - Beluga Bean

Founders of Beluga Bean, Sam Wigan and Renee Elliott join us this week on BWB.

Beluga Bean is a well-being enterprise pioneering new strategies for success in business and life. Through Corporate Training, Personal Coaching and Business Advisory services the team deliver powerful journeys of personal discovery that promote individual and team success. After all, Beluga Bean’s key belief is that “Self-awareness is good for business".

In this episode we hear Sam and Renee talk about how they met, why they started Beluga Bean and hear their thoughtful responses to our staple questions with some great advice and wisdom shared for founders, entrepreneurs and business owners alike. And not forgetting the all-improved Business vs. Bullsh-t Quickfire Round!


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Previous Episodes

Episode 18 - Noel Duncan - SiSU Health

“If you measure it, it matters”

Joining Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby on the latest episode of Business without Bullsh*t podcast is Noel Duncan. Noel is CEO of SiSU Health, a preventative health platform empowering people to “own their health” through data-tracking and personalised programs and services.

The three discuss enhancing the public’s health literacy, learning from data, and the psychologies we can use to incentivise behaviour changes.

Episode 17 - Ben Thompson - Employment Hero

“Geography is no longer a fundamental constraint to employment”

Business without Bullsh-t is joined in this latest episode by Ben Thompson, CEO at Employment Hero, an employment management platform in the cloud/virtual employment management platform.

Ben talks Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby through his recent plans for international expansion, how the disruption of the pandemic has catalysed flexible working behaviours on a mass-scale, and what is in store for the future of borderless work. Also listen out for a wonderful chicken analogy.

Episode 16 - Lachlan Faulkner - Stiltz

“You need a sh*t load of naivety and a huge amount of arrogance”

Business without Bullsh-t is joined on the latest episode by one of Oury Clark’s ex-clients Lachlan Faulkner: Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Stiltz Lifts. Since venturing over from Aus to set up the business in 2010, Stiltz has seen rapid growth and was this year awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2020.

Alongside Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby, Lachlan discusses the economic time bomb that is Britain’s ageing population, what it takes to grow a business, and why those big companies have to buy innovation.

Episode 15 - David Rogers - Ferra Group

"Businesses are getting really good at gathering data, I just don’t think we’re very good at using it"

Business without Bullsh-t is joined this week by David Rogers. Having once walked the halls of Oury Clark, David is now Director of Accounting for an aerospace engineering firm, the Ferra Group.

With Dominic Frisby and Andy Oury, David discusses the recent impact of coronavirus on aerospace and some of the uncomfortable questions that surround the industry. The three also chat all things accountancy (what some may call the world’s second oldest profession); how accountancy has changed over the years, the importance of keeping up to date with tech, and what the skill-set of an accountant may need to look like in the future.

Episode 14 - Joe Sluys - Squarebook

“Every entrepreneur should have a social agenda attached to their business- there should be a purpose beyond profit”

In the latest episode of Bussiness without Bullsh-t, Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby are joined by the founder and CEO of SquareBook, Joe Sluys. Aiming to provide fairer outcomes and include a wider community of investors, SquareBook is a multi-tiered auction platform, digitising the initial public offerings process.

Joe discusses raising money for startups, trends in conscious capitalism and how entrepreneurs could be solving social problems.

Episode 13 - Robert Wesson - Axiom

“The future is service, pricing, appetite - it's not a one size fits all scenario anymore”

In the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t, Andy Oury and Dominic Frisby are joined by entrepreneur Robert Wesson, CEO of International Financial Services business, Axiom.

E-money licences are making it easier for companies to have a fully remote international presence which has only become more important in the wake of coronavirus. The three discuss why borders can no longer be barriers, the benefits of a 'help first, generate revenue later' culture and whether we are seeing the end of the traditional bank account.

Episode 12 - Kevin Driver - Turner Studios

"Keeping the complexity but making a story out of it that’s cohesive"

On the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t, Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby speak with architect Kevin Driver, Director of Turner Architectural Studios.

The three discuss how the UK could be delivering housing more affordably and effectively, the impact of Covid-19 on our cities and, the most interesting cultural differences between the UK and Australia when it comes to working practices and email etiquette.

Episode 11 - Anne Fairpo - Barrister

"International tax rules were not designed to deal with the digital economy, that's why it presents such a problem"

Tax barrister Anne Fairpo joins Andrew and Dominic (and Dominic's dog Frodo) in the latest episode of Business without Bullsh*t. Anne specialises in UK and international corporate tax planning and disputes, with an interest in intellectual property tax and UK-US cross-border tax planning.

It’s an enlightening conversation which covers a wide range of topics about tax, relating to technology businesses and the digital economy, what to do with your IP, and international tax cooperation.

Episode 10 - Sam Collins - Ukie

“Games are at the epicentre of technical skills and creativity, it’s a wonderful place to be”

Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby are joined in the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t by Sam Collins, Head of Commercial and Membership at Ukie - the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry trading body.

The three discuss the effects of COVID on consumer consumption, the impact of gaming tech on other industries, and improving the nations digital literacy.

Episode 9 - D-Code - Producer / Presenter

“Right now one of the main things every single person in the creative industry needs to know how to do is to adapt.”

In this episode, Andrew and Dominic sit down with D-Code. The producer has a 16-year history in Music and Audio, including presenting on BBC Radio 1, senior production duties for BAFTA-nominated video game DJ Hero, and producing The Reggie Yates Podcast, Dee has experienced numerous phases of the business.

We chat about the changing trends in the music industry, how technology is democratising the space, and why surviving in the industry today depends on being a polymath.

Episode 8 - Zoe Whyatt - Whyatt Consulting

"Liberation from administration! Getting real about setting up a business is not just incorporating but making sure you have adequate admin skills."

In the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t, Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby speak with Zoe Whyatt, Founder and Director at Whyatt Consulting. With an impressive career history as CEO and business advisor based in the U.S.A then Australia, Zoe now helps start-ups build the foundations for growth.

We discuss the importance of being able to pivot markets as a start-up plus the complexity of entering different geographical markets, what makes a successful business partner and why Director of Administration is the often forgotten yet most integral hire for any start-up business.

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