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Episode 313 - From Dragon's Den to Green Dentistry: Dr. Simon Chard's Battle Against Plastic in Oral Care

Simon is a leading UK cosmetic dentist and co-founder of the sustainable oral care brand PARLA, as seen on Dragon’s Den

We discuss PARLA's pioneering methods for reducing single-use plastics in dentistry with products like toothpaste tablets and plastic-free floss. We talk about the environmental impact of traditional oral care products, the intricacies of launching a sustainable business, and the hurdles faced by dentists and startups.

We also discuss the importance and strategies to manage stress and prevent burnout, and highlight the benefits of disconnecting from constant digital connectivity.

Simon also explains why greenwashing and gimmicks qualify for the big bin of bullsh*t.


00:00 BWB with Dr Simon Chard

01:41 The Problem with Plastic in Oral Care

02:30 Innovative Solutions by Perla

06:03 Challenges in Changing Consumer Habits

07:31 Toothpaste Ingredients: What You Need to Know

11:14 Mental Health in Dentistry

13:43 Dragon's Den Experience

15:46 Entrepreneurial Journey and Future Plans

33:11 Mental Health in Dentistry and Startups

34:10 Cosmetic Dentistry Market

36:16 Fear of Dentists and Media Influence

40:50 Public Health and Dental Care

45:08 Best and Worst Advice

48:23 Mentorship and Business Challenges

53:10 Quickfire Round - Get To Know Simon

58:51 Mental Health in Startups

01:04:36 Wrap Up

Simon's recommendations:

The Almanac of Naval Ravikant (book)

Unstressable - Mo Gowdat (book)


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Previous Episodes

Episode 279 - Entertainment Mogul: How James Sinclair Built a Leisure and Family Empire

James is an entrepreneur, author and speaker who went from running a children's entertainment agency to building a £40 million business empire in leisure, childcare, outdoor attractions, commercial property, historic hotel, arts and crafts manufacturing and one of the UK’s oldest Ice cream companies - The Rossi Ice Cream Company 

James shares valuable insights on various facets of entrepreneurship, and expresses his frustration with taxes on turnover rather than on profit. He addresses the challenges of his industries, offers advice on handling bootstrapped businesses and explains why the UK government’s lack of support for entrepreneurship qualifies for the big bin of bullsh*t


00:00 Welcome to BWB

01:21 James's Entrepreneurial Journey

02:37 The Business of Property and Childcare

03:18 James's Future Business Goals

05:49 The Challenges of Running a Business

06:36 The State of Childcare in the UK

09:02 The Impact of Taxes on Businesses

19:37 The Importance of Thinking Big

23:38 The Role of Personal Branding in Business

25:04 The Challenges of Buying a Business

26:46 Key Business Advice from James

29:28 The Power of Sharing in Business

32:00 The Importance of In-House Accountants

32:27 The Danger of Mismanaging Business Finances

35:59 The Power of Content Creation

36:23 The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

38:24 The Importance of Financial Control in Business

40:25 Lack of Government Support for Entrepreneurs

48:04 Quickfire Round - Getting To Know James

51:53 Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

53:52 Recommended Resources for Entrepreneurs

55:00 The Importance of Effective Marketing


James’s Recommendations:

Loosing My Virginity - Richard Branson (book)

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight (book)

How To Get Rich - Felix Dennis (book)

Business Wars (podcast)

Business Movers (podcast)

Acquired (podcast)

Business Broadcast (podcast)


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Episode 278 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Thomas Robson-Kanu - Founder - The Turmeric Co.

Former Premier League footballer and founder of The Turmeric Co, Thomas Robson-Kanu is in the quiz seat this week sharing his thoughts on various business topics and discusses the importance of time, family, workplace humour, and ethical trade.


00:30 The Game Begins: Accountants

00:43 Universal Basic Income: A Controversial Topic

01:03 The Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings

01:19 Valuations and Single Founder Companies

01:56 The Debate on Warrants and Share Options

02:32 Balancing Business and Family Time

03:59 Workplace Humor and Under Promising

04:35 Closing Thoughts on Ethical Trade

04:45 Wrap Up

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Episode 277 - The Turmeric Journey of a Football Maestro - Thomas Robson-Kanu

Thomas is a former Premier League footballer and founder of The Turmeric Co.

He played for West Bromwich and Wales before retiring in 2021 to focus on bringing awareness to the power of natural nutrition. He founded The Turmeric Co in 2018 after finding his homemade turmeric blend invaluable in supporting his recovery from injury and the physical demands of training.

We discuss Thomas's experiences as a professional footballer, his struggle with injuries, his recovery using his homemade turmeric blend, and how this led to the birth of the company. We unpack the business's market impact, the vision for The Turmeric Co. and why Thomas thinks most 'health' drinks and supplements qualify for the big bin of bullsh*t.


00:22 The Birth of the Turmeric Co.

01:45 The Power of Self-Development and Perseverance

02:54 The Journey into Professional Football

06:04 Overcoming Injury and the Birth of a Health Solution

09:04 The Impact of Turmeric Co. Shots

15:15 The Challenges and Triumphs of Manufacturing

20:34 The Role of Nutrition in Health and Wellness

24:01 The Future of The Turmeric Co.

29:57 The Impact of Processed Food on Health

31:21 The Power of Natural Nutrition and Community

32:12 The Truth About The Juice Industry

33:45 The Science Behind Juice Processing

35:59 The Challenges of Manufacturing and Distribution

36:46 The Vision for The Tumeric Co

37:17 The Power of Advertising and Consumer Psychology

48:41 Bullsh*t In Business - 'health' drinks and supplements

49:47 The Future of Health and Wellness

54:01 The 10 Second Quickfire Round: Getting To Know Thomas

58:00 Closing Remarks


Thomas's Recommendation:

Psycho-Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz (book)


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Episode 276 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Victoria Jenkins - Founder - Unhidden

Founder of adaptive fashion brand - Unhidden - Victoria Jenkins takes the quiz seat this week with in depth discussions on a bunch of quiz terms.


00:32 The Quiz Begins: Government Grants and Hashtags

00:47 Discussing Influencers and Investment TV Shows

01:02 Debating Industry Jargon and Planned Obsolescence

01:31 Exploring Founders Egos and Incubators

01:50 Views on Drinking at Lunch and R&D Tax Credits

02:20 Quantitative Easing and Work Life Balance

02:27 Controversial Discussion on Russia

03:25 Workplace Humor and Brainstorming Techniques

03:55 GDPR and Venture Capital

04:12 Charities: A Complex Topic

07:41 Staff No Dating Policies and Face to Face Meetings

08:10 Downplaying Capabilities and Crowdfunding

09:34 Lockdown Impact on Disabled Community

10:01 Quiz Conclusion and Farewell

BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 275 - Fashioning Change: Victoria Jenkins' Journey through Disability and Design

Victoria is an award-winning adaptive fashion designer, disability advocate and founder of Unhidden - a socially responsible, universally designed fashion range for disabled and non-disabled people.

We discuss Victoria's life and disability, the birth of Unhidden, struggles for recognition, misrepresentations and the future of adaptive fashion. Victoria also tells us why the snobbery if the fashion industry qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


01:06 - Understanding Disability and Its Impact

01:41 - Victoria's Personal Journey with Disability

03:39 - The Birth of Unhidden: Fashion for the Disabled

06:02 - Challenges in the Fashion Industry for Disabled People

08:07 - The Struggle for Recognition and Equality

10:53 - Unhidden's Challenges in Advertising

12:09 - The Need for Representation in Government and Society

14:06 - The Future of Disability and Adaptive Fashion

23:07 - Misconceptions Surrounding Paralympians

23:19 - The Power of Overcoming Adversity

24:02 - The Need for Better Government Support

25:04 - The Misrepresentation of Disability in Media

28:22 - The Challenges of Being a Disabled Founder

28:27 - The Importance of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

29:04 - The Power of Community for Disabled Entrepreneurs

29:45 - The Struggles of Raising Funds as a Disabled Founder

30:13 - The Experience of Pitching on Dragon's Den

38:42 - The Snobbery in the Fashion Industry

43:03 - The Future of Unhidden Clothing

Victoria's recommendations:

Off Menu (podcast)

My Dad Wrote A Porno (podcast)

The Fallen House of Usher (TV series)

Hannibal (TV series)

BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 274 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Louise Webb - Founder - Popcorn Kitchen

Founder of Popcorn Kitchen Louise Webb is in this week's quiz seat with sure fire answers to Andy and Pippa's curveballs!



00:31 The Game Begins: Outsourcing

00:51 Non-Executive Directors and Self-Actualisation

01:31 Pivoting and New Product Announcement

02:03 Three Year Forecast and Instagram

02:28 Runway, Cash Positions and NDAs

03:10 Internal Meetings and Colleague Interactions

03:57 Business Plans and Business Accelerators

04:05 Climate Change, Corporate Away Days and Brexit

05:06 Foreign Espionage Risks and IT Security

05:35 Quiz Results and Closing Remarks


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 273 - Popcorn Renaissance: How Popcorn Kitchen is Redefining Snacktime with Louise Webb

Louise is founder of Popcorn Kitchen, an artisanal popcorn brand who pride themselves on making “sublime, best-in-class popcorn since 2012”

We talk about Popcorn Kitchen’s humble beginnings and its Covid-curved turning point, where Louise plans to take the business and the challenges she's facing, the delights of snacking culture, the dilemmas of sweet vs. savoury and why people who don't own up to their mistakes qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:26 Getting to Know Louise Webb and Popcorn Kitchen

01:13 The Challenges of Running a Small Business

01:54 The Journey Towards Sustainability

03:37 Navigating the Online Marketplace

04:12 The Seasonality of Popcorn Sales

05:27 Exploring Different Popcorn Flavours - LIVE!

06:14 The Origins, Growth and Future of Popcorn Kitchen

17:05 Discussing Past Mistakes and Learning Experiences

20:57 The Importance of Setting Goals

21:24 The Dangers of Misleading in Business

23:19 Industry Frustrations

23:35 The Importance of Admitting Mistakes

26:02 Quickfire Round: getting To Know Louise Webb

29:46 Popcorn Kitchen Pitch and Closing Remarks


Louise's recommendation:

Chernobyl: The New Evidence (Channel 4 documentary)


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Episode 272 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Philip Ogilvie - Managing Partner - Applifting

2024's first quiz guest is Managing Partner of Applifting Philip Ogilvie who wasn't shy telling us what he really thought about the cards he was dealt!


00:00 Introduction to the Show

00:29 The Early Bird Phrase Discussion

01:02 Business or Bullshit quiz begins

02:24 Discussion on ESG Investing

03:40 Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

04:56 Work-Life Balance and Lunch Breaks

04:59 Debate on Drinking at Lunch

05:55 Investment TV Shows and Tech

06:44 Closing Remarks and Score Reveal

BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 271 - Techonomics Unveiled: Employee-Ownership and Salary Transparency with Philip Ogilvie


Joining us for our first episode of 2024 is Philip Ogilvie, Managing Partner at Applifting, an international software development studio tailored for start ups, scale ups and enterprises.

Our chat with Philip unravels the inner workings of Applifting, from its company dynamics to the nitty-gritty of structure, culture, and ethics. We debate employee-owned companies and salary transparency — does it elevate or deflate a business? We also hear about Philip's days on the professional rugby field and why he thinks communication has become a lost art in the business world.


00:55 Challenges and Opportunities in the Tech Industry

01:53 The Business Model of AppLifting

02:38 AppLifting's Global Presence and Clientele

06:00 The Impact of AI and Technology Advancements

08:02 The Unique Culture and Ethical Standards at AppLifting

17:58 Reflections on Business Mistakes and Lessons Learned

19:23 Journey to Rugby Stardom

20:15 The Arrogance of Success

21:14 Father's Influence and Life Lessons

21:43 The Eccentricities of a Surgeon Father

23:17 The Lost Art of Communication in Business

24:59 The Role of Phone Calls in Business

28:09 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Phil

33:03 Recommendations and Current Watchlist

34:39 30 Second Pitch: AppLifting

Philip's recommendation:

Reinventing Organisations - Frederic Laloux (book)


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 270 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Andy Welch

Founder of SRSLY Low Carb food company Andy Welch is in this week's quiz seat for our last show of 2023!

Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2024.

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Episode 269 - SPECIAL - LSE Generate: F&B Deep Dive Programme Launch

We popped into the London School of Economics launch of their Food & Beverage Deep Dive Programme as part of LSE Generate, the school's home for entrepreneurship.

We spoke to the Head of LSE Generate LJ Silverman, and to keynote speakers who are at the forefront of their industries about their business lives, tips and advice:

Julian Hitch - Chief Culture and Mindset Officer at Grow Up Farms

Duncan O'Brien - Founder of Dalston Soda

Jade Hoai - Director of Purchasing and Operations at Whole Foods Market

Duncan Sterling - Co Founder of Inception Group

Hannah Perry - UK Food Service Manager at Tony's Chocolonely

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