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Episode 303 - Balancing Act: Gemma Burke on Business, Parenthood, and Personal Growth

Gemma is director of True Sports Hydration. She's also a business owner in the health & wellness industry.

We discuss what makes True Sports Hydration so unique, Gemma’s startup challenges, career progression and balancing her professional aspirations with impending motherhood.

We cover diverse topics like entrepreneurship, work-life balance, family dynamics, charitable work, the impact of personal loss and potential uses of technology in remembering loved ones.

We also provide personal insights and reflections for founders.


00:00 BWB with Gemma Burke

01:46 Gemma on Entrepreneurship and Hydration

01:54 The World of True Sports Hydration

04:42 From Musical Theatre to Hydration Expert

11:10 The Impact of Manoj Bhargava and Billions in Change

15:46 The Unique Benefits of True Sports Hydration

19:54 Marketing Strategies and the Future of Hydration

25:22 Personal Insights and Future Aspirations

31:09 Entrepreneurial Roots and Work-Life Balance

31:50 Maternity Leave and Work Culture

32:35 Challenges of Returning to Work Post-Parenting

36:30 The Sodium Debate in the Drinks Industry

38:31 Advice for Entrepreneurs

41:29 Quick Fire Round: Getting To Know Gemma

54:52 Reflections on Loss and Digital Remembrance

57:16 Wrap Up



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Previous Episodes

Episode 258 - SPECIAL - Nourish Awards 2023

We popped in to have a chat about the highs and lows of running a food business with CEO of the Nourish Awards Diana Babics and the founders of the UK health food brands that were nominated for awards.

What a lovely bunch they were! Bright minds with forward thinking, health conscious F&B products:

Priya Koliyot - The Keto Elf

Simona Deifta - Nojo London

Lucy Brose - Juicy Lucy's Kitchen

Alienor Bouzenad - Nucci

Adrian Beckett - Nuzest London

Giulia Berretti - Sunny & Luna

Maya Qureshi - Rhythm Nutrition

Terry O'Riordan - Keto Chefs

Abigail Harper - Earthnutz

Bethan Thomas - Hot Tea Mama

Louise Gross - Go Low Baking

Artemis Hajigeorgiou - Manayi

Yulia Allawi - Verity Labs

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Episode 257 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Nisha Ramisetty

Naksha Collections co-founder Nisha Ramisetty is in the quiz seat this week alongside antics-fuelled hosts Andy and Philippa. We say no more! Strap in and press play.

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Episode 256 - Nisha Ramisetty - Co-Founder - Naksha

Nisha is the co-founder of Naksha, an award-winning F&B startup which launched in November 2020 after winning a place in a National Incubator Programme in the UAE. The concept - a unique spin on meal kits helping ordinary folk to cook adventurous food from around the world, at home.

We speak about how Naksha was born and the journey to winning the National Incubator Programme which fast-tracked Naksha products onto major retailer's shelves. We discuss the range of challenges F&B startups currently face and how Nisha believes they could be tackled. She also tells us why the current Minimum Order Quantity levels set by manufacturers qualify for the big bin of bullshit.

Nisha's recommendations:

Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The Earth - Haruki Murakami (book)

Gattaca (film)

The Missing Cryptoqueen (BBC podcast)

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Episode 255 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Jonathan MacDonald

SELF Founder Jonathan MacDonald is in the quiz seat this week who brings his absolute A-game. Best contestant yet!

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Episode 254 - Jonathan MacDonald - Founder & CEO - SELF

Jonathan is the Founder of SELF, a hyper-personal AI-powered assistant that learns your personal preferences and simplifies your life.

We talk about his concerns around the rise of AI, why there is a need for an ethical alternative and how having a more moral approach to business makes it harder to raise investment.

Jonathan also explains why he thinks tech platforms who don't prioritise human rights over profit qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.

Jonathan's recommendations

Making Sense with Sam Harris (podcast)

Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl (book)

Rise Of Advanced Thought - Jonathan MacDonald (book)

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Episode 253 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Kevin Tang

Kaytea founder Kevin Tang is in the quiz seat this week talking all things nocturnal working hours, downrounds and foreign espionage risks!

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Episode 252 - Kevin Tang - Founder - Kaytea

We talk to Kevin - Founder of artisan iced tea brand Kaytea - about the reality of raising money, challenges dealing with product buyers and the pain of fighting for shelf space in a crowded market. We ask Kevin why he started an ice tea brand, his experience launching the business during COVID and why he values having a mentor>

Kevin also tells us why he thinks people being 'too busy to reply to emails' qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.

Kevin's recommendations:

The Grocer (magazine)

The Economist (magazine)

Hungry (podcast)

Brand Growth Heroes (podcast)

Zoe (podcast)

How I Built This (podcast)

FKJ (musician)

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Episode 251 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Jody Rowe

Rowe Advisory CEO and Tough Talk podcast host Jody Rowe is in this week's BOB quiz seat. Quick fire action from start to end!

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Episode 250 - London to LA Special with James Cummings - London & Partners

We're off to LA with London & Partners next week! We speak to Vice President, LA James Cummings ahead of their Grow London Global program which we're delighted to be joining.

James tells us about the work London & Partners are doing connecting LA and London, and about 2023's Grow London Global program. We discuss the similarities and differences between the two great cities, how American's perceive London, and what they really think of Sadiq Khan.

For more information head over to Grow London

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Episode 249 - Jody Rowe - CEO - Rowe Advisory

What's it like being a female CEO in a male dominated industry? Jody is CEO of Rowe Advisory, a consultancy firm providing support to the oil, gas and mining industries with offices in London, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Australia.

Jody is also podcast host of Tough Talks discussing all aspects of energy transition with industry leaders and experts. Her chat on our podcast ranges from how and why Rowe advisory began to why compliance qualifies for the big bin of bullshit via some f**k ups (as part of the chat, not f**k ups in the podcast).

The word trepidatious also makes an unscheduled appearance.

Jody's recommendations:

Tough Talk with Jody Rowe (podcast)

The Essential Entrepreneur - Richard Turner (book)

The Mentor with Mark Bouris (podcast)

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Episode 248 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Akshat Rathi

Akshat is an author and Senior Reporter for Climate at Bloomberg News.

We discuss Akshat's new (debut) book - Climate Capitalism: Winning The Global Race To Zero Emissions - and how climate change is affecting business. We talk about what big business and government need to do to take climate action and get some advice for SMEs on how they can make a climate positive impact.

Akshat also tells us why he thinks that social media qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.

Amazon link to Akshat's new book

Akshat's recommendations:

Bottled Lightening - Seth Fletcher (book)

Four Thousand Weeks - Oliver Burkeman (book)

Is It Time To Break The Law - Chris Packham (documentary)

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