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Episode 148 - David Spickett - Founder - The Car Crowd

Meet David Spickett, Founder of TheCarCrowd - the UK's first fractional ownership platform dedicated to passion assets with the aim of democratising investment .... starting with classic cars.

Initially based in financial services and consultancy, most recently as the managing director of a UK Fintech business lending company​ ​Liberis​, ​David formed TheCarCrowd in 2019 with a vision to democratise the strongest performing​ ​investment classes and allow passionate people a way of joining together to own and benefit​ ​from the assets they love.

With a growing investment community in the heart of the East Midlands, investors can come​ ​together at events and community dinners to share their passions, and investment stories​ ​together.

“We wanted to disrupt traditional investments and make the items that have​ ​been traditionally reserved for the rich available to a wider audience.​ ​Enabling petrol heads and savvy investors a chance to come together and​ ​benefit from investing in the assets of their dreams.”

Strap in, press play and hold on to your seatbelt!

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Previous Episodes

Episode 92 - BWB Extra - The Support Network with Sophie Epstone

Welcome to this week's BWB Extra where we continue our conversation with Sophie Epstone, Founder & CEO of Trekstock.

We discuss Trekstock's journey so far with providing support for young adult cancer patients and her learnings about the reality for people who suffer from the disease both physically and mentally. Born out of the realisation that there was a huge lack in support services for young adult cancer patients after a family friend was diagnosed with the disease, Sophie has been on a mission ever since to make sure young patients get the right type of help they need.

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Episode 91 - Sophie Epstone - Founder & CEO - Trekstock

Our guest this week is Sophie Epstone, Founder & CEO of Trekstock, the only UK charity that specifically focuses on supporting young adults through cancer.

Sophie became aware of a huge gap in tailored support services for cancer patients in their 20s or 30s after a family friend had treatment for lymphoma and found himself in hospital surrounded by people much older than him whose needs were the opposite to his. There was no age-appropriate support available and Sophie wanted to do something about it, and so Trekstock was born.

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Episode 90 - BWB Extra - The Smart Lenders with Dom Peasley

Welcome to this week's episode of BWB Extra where we continue our conversation with Dominick Peasley, CEO at Sprk Capital.

We take a deeper look at how Sprk's smart model actually works with lending against R&D claims compared to bank's conventional models and the benefits Sprk can provide to a business's cashflow and overall performance. We also get an insight into how Dom likes to keep business operations running successfully plus his thoughts on the future of the workplace culture.

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Episode 89 - Dominick Peasley - CEO at Sprk Capital

Joining us this week is Dominick Peasley, CEO of Sprk Capital, an online lender to businesses engaged in Research and Development.

Before joining Sprk, Dominik was responsible for all lending capital at Funding Circle and raised over a whopping £6bn to support SMEs in the UK, and also co-founded Capital-B, a FinTech advisory and capital placement agency focused on developing lending businesses.

Dominik has also worked for Goldman Sachs where he was Head of UK Distribution for its asset management business. A sparkling CV to say the least!

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Episode 88 - BWB Extra - Gold Goes Digital with Sukhi Jutla

Welcome to this week's BWB Extra where we continue our conversation with Sukhi Jutla, Co-Founder & COO of Market Orders.

We take a deeper look at today's Gold Jewellery industry and get to hear about how Sukhi believes it can be revolutionised with her platform Marketplace. From progress on the shop floor to turning jewellery into NFTs and entering the metaverse, big visions lead the way in today's episode.

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Episode 87 - Sukhi Jutla - Co-Founder & COO - Market Orders

Our guest this week is Sukhi Jutla who is the co-founder of MarketOrders, an online B2B platform for the gold and diamond jewellery industry.

Sukhi’s won numerous awards including Asian Women of Achievement, Female Entrepreneur of The Year and named Top 100 European Digital Pioneer by The Financial Times and Google. She's a leading international speaker and influencer in Tech, qualified IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer and holds board positions with the Mayor of London’s Digital Skills Partnership, the Department of International Trade in the UK and is an Associate of the University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT).

And if that wasn’t enough, Sukhi is also an Author of a range of publications in Fintech and Blockchain Technology. Pure enlightenment incoming!

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Episode 86 - BWB Extra - A Tweeter's Life with David Levin

Hello and welcome to this week's episode of BWB Extra where we continue our conversation with David Levin, Co-Founder and Creative Director of That Lot, an award-winning social creative agency.

We take a deeper look into how David went from being a freelance writer to becoming the world's first professional Tweeter being paid to be the voice for some of the world's biggest brands, to then meeting David Schneider who he started "That Lot" with.

Welcome to A Tweeter's Life.

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Episode 85 - David Levin - Co-Founder & Director - That Lot

David Levin, Co-Founder and Creative Director at “That Lot”, an award-winning, platform-first social creative agency is this week's guest on BWB.

After working as a writer at MTV and freelance for a number of brands, David’s initial foray into social came when he set up a spoof Twitter account for his local Hackney pub which attracted a cult following and was named Time Out’s ‘Best London Twitter’.

He was then asked to write and create social content for numerous brands and broadcasters including PG Tips, Adidas and BBC One’s The Voice which broke BBC records for engagement.

David specialises in nailing tone of voice and creating shareable social formats, many of which have contributed towards some major wins for That Lot’s clients such as making Channel 4 the most viewed UK broadcaster on Facebook.

Expect the usual BWB drilling into what makes David's career tick and grow and the challenges he's faced along the way.

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Episode 84 - BWB Extra - Becoming A Hero with Ben Thompson


Welcome to this week's episode of BWB Extra where we continue our conversation with Ben Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of Employment Hero.

We take a deeper look at how and why Ben started Employment Hero, the journey he's been on to build it into a billion dollar company and the vision he has for both its future and his own. We also discuss his views on the adoption of a fully remote working practice and why he believes it's going to lead the charge with revolutionising employment on a global scale.

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Episode 83 - Ben Thompson - Employment Hero

Our returning guest this week is Ben Thompson , CEO and Co-Founder of Employment Hero.

A Bachelor of Economics and Law, Ben spent several years working in the banking & finance industry in Sydney before he moved to London at the peak of the dot com boom, and it was there that he realised his true passion was in combining business and technology to create innovative new companies.

Ben returned to Australia in 2002 to start an employment law firm and since then has grown his business into an international group of companies that share a common goal, “To permanently improve the way employment is managed by making it easier and more rewarding for everyone.” These companies include Employment Innovations, Power2Motivate, Global Reward Solutions, Keypay and Employment Hero.

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Episode 82 - BWB Extra - Making A Man with Jerry Hyde

We continue our conversation with Author and Mentor Jerry Hyde and dig deeper into the roots of Jerry's recent documentary "Make Me A Man" where members of Jerry's male therapy groups are interviewed to show what conscious masculinity looks like.

We also hear about how Jerry's approach to therapy practice differs between male and female clients and discuss the much broader topic of gender stereotypes, their place in society and whether they're still valid in today's world.

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