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Episode 62 - James Loveridge - Little Dot Studios

Joining us this week is the delightful James Loveridge, Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios, a leading digital agency and media network.

James has worked in the Entertainment industry for over a decade for companies like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. As Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios, James oversees client operations for some of the largest international broadcasters, producers and studios like NBCUniversal, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Pictures TV, Discovery.

And as if that wasn’t enough, James also side-hustles as a stand-up comedian. He’s toured worldwide and has written and performed in 3 solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which got him nominated for Best Show in 2016 for his show "James Loveridge: Castles in the Sand".

Alongside covering our staple BWB questions, we get a very humorous look in to what it's like being Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios. James speaks about the reality of his job's expectations, how he manages it all and what he's learnt along the way which includes tips on how to entertain your team with trips to Thorpe Park!

If you want to hear the perfect mix of great business advice and lashings of unfiltered hilarity, pull up a chair and press play.

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Previous Episodes

Episode 6 - Ross Meadows and Alison Coward (part 2)

"Lawyers and accountants are specialists with technical skills - but the emotional intelligence and listening skills are becoming the crucial aspect of the role"

Continuing the conversation with Alison Coward, this episode of Business without Bullsh-t flips the tried and trusted format on its head as Alison shifts focus to Ross and Andrew who delve into life at Oury Clark.

The three discuss how technology has forced an evolution in the role and cost of lawyers and accountants, when its time to turn to an accountant or a lawyer, with some wise words for aspiring undergraduates thrown in.

Episode 5 - Alison Coward - Bracket Creative

"Collaboration is not just as easy as putting talented people in the room together and hoping it's going to happen"

In this episode of Business without Bullsh-t we see Oury Clark solicitor Ross Meadows step in for Dominic Frisby to sit down with Alison Coward, founder of Bracket Creative and author. Alison has over 15 years' experience in creative team facilitation. Bracket Creative focuses on finding the perfect balance between team creativity, collaboration and productivity.

The three discuss Alison’s passion for team culture, what effective collaboration should look like, and her experiences in implementing strategies.

Episode 4 - Chris Howard - The Rattle

"The point of a brand is to change people's behaviour by doing something f*cking incredible"

In the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t, Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby speak with Chris Howard, co-founder of The Rattle. Chris studied at MIT and was a Professor of Physics at Harvard before becoming an entrepreneur. The Rattle is a disruptive collective hub focused on helping artists, creatives and start-ups develop and sell their products on their own terms. He’s also a massive foodie.

The three discuss Chris’s smart, clear-cut perspectives on the reality of today’s creative industries, the true value of an artist and how to approach monetisation in today’s climate.

Episode 3 - Gabrielle Patrick - Knabu

"The real proposition is access... there is financial pain that comes with living in far-flung jurisdictions"

In the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t, Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby speak with Gabrielle Patrick, Founder and CEO of Knabu, a cutting-edge digital financial institution encompassing the best of peer-to-peer transacting and centralised banking.

We discuss the challenges as a disruptor within the traditional banking industry, the frustration with global inequality of value transfer, plus we get to the truth behind the glorified reality of being a CEO.

Episode 2 - Angus Donaldson - Serial Entrepreneur

"Building housing has now become the preserve of little more than a handful of large builders and developers"

In the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t, Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby speak with Angus Donaldson, serial entrepreneur and investor operating within housing development and social media advertising.

We discuss the importance of small housing developers in preventing the death of the high street, plus we explore whether data has taken the soul out of advertising and how it’s evolved since the 1970s.

Episode 1 - Tom Best - Auction Collective

"An auction is the only retail experience where you negotiate upwards and its fun"

We kick off Business without Bullsh-t in the company of Tom Best, co-founder of The Auction Collective and ex-Christie's (youngest) auctioneer. The Auction Collective represents emerging and unrepresented artists and aims to make buying art an accessible and everyday experience.

We discuss what you can learn about negotiating and selling from auctions, working directly with artists, and what makes auctioning such a unique experience.

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