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Episode 129 - BWB Extra - Science of Learning with William Wadsworth

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with William Wadsworth Founder of Exam Study Expert where we dive deeper into discussing the science of learning and talk about the different types of learning techniques, which ones William prefers to teach and discuss the differences in people's learning capabilities and how to best approach them. We also hear about William's client experiences and his plans to grow and scale the business.

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Episode 61 - BWB Extra - Gaming & Addiction with Drew Holt-Kentwell

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with former gamer and founder of Catalyst E-Sports Solutions, Drew Holt-Kentwell who is also a qualified mental health counsellor in Singapore and runs a youth charity which focuses on gaming and device addiction and general wellness issues that youths face in Singapore.

Drew unpacks the reality of addiction and mental health issues in gaming where he talks about the difference between E-Sports and gaming, what it's like to be a professional E-Sports player in the industry, the range of effects too much gaming can have on a person's health as well as talk about the counselling work he does to help tackle addiction.

Do professional gamers suffer from mental health problems? who should police gaming? is it all bad or are there any benefits? it's all up for discussion.

Welcome, to Gaming & Addiction.

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

Episode 60 - Drew Holt-Kentwell - Catalyst E-Sports Solutions

Happy New Year! we kick off 2022 with our 60th episode joined by our Singapore based guest, Drew Holt-Kentwell.

Drew is the founder of Catalyst E-Sports Solutions, an end-to-end E-Sports marketing agency with past and present clients including Lenovo, Corsair and the Singapore Government.

As a former professional gamer, Drew moved from the UK to Singapore 10 years ago as the former Head of Global E-Sports at Razer, and since has worked across nearly every facet of the E-Sports industry. He combines his global E-Sports expertise and network with an intimate knowledge of how the South-East Asian E-Sports industry works from within. Drew is also one of the founding board members of the Singapore E-Sports Association which is the official National Sports Association in the country.

And to top it off, Drew is also a qualified mental health counsellor in Singapore and runs a youth charity which focuses on gaming and device addiction as well as other wellness issues that youths face in Singapore.

Drew talks us through the world of E-Sports, how marketing actually works in the industry and how it differs from traditional marketing as well as answering our staple BWB questions relative to E-Sports and marketing. We also speak about the effects of Gaming on mental health, a subject which Drew is passionate about, which we will elaborate on much more in our Extra episode next week.

In the meantime, pull up a chair and press play on our first show for 2022.

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Episode 59 - BWB Extra - Being A Yeastie Boy with Stu McKinlay

This week on BWB Extra we continue our conversation with Yeastie Boys Founder and Benevolent Dictator Stu McKinlay who unpacks the reality and intricacies of running what he and the team like to call "the world's smallest multi-national" craft beer business.

We discuss big brewery competition, consumer loyalty versus promiscuity, the importance of good branding and how Yeastie Boys like to approach theirs to make it NOT boring, as well as shine a nostalgic light on the UK's beloved social institution, the good old English pubs.

Welcome, to Being a Yeastie Boy.

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

Episode 58 - Stu McKinlay - Yeastie Boys Beer

Joining us this week is Stu McKinlay, Founder and "Benevolent Dictator" at Yeastie Boys Beer.

After working in Public Health for 15 years, Stu thought it was time for a career change in 2008 when he kick-started Yeastie Boys, originally in New Zealand and Australia and then in the UK in 2015. Yeastie Boys has now become what he and the team like to call “the world’s smallest multinational brewing deliciously irreverent beer”.

The conversation takes us through Stu's epic life journey so far: from being an aspiring golfer to acting in Lord Of The Rings where he met his future wife and business partner, Fritha, to then working in Public Health and eventually founding Yeastie Boys Beer, a career choice which Stu thought would make much better conversation at dinner parties ;)

We also talk about how Stu got the company started, why he's built it the way he has, why he wants to keep his team small and family-like as well as reveal the big partnership deal which will put Yeastie Boys Beer on shop shelves all over Europe! And ofcourse, we work through our staple BWB questions to find out how the entreprenuer in Stu has dealt with all of the challenges along the way.

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

Episode 57 - BWB Extra - The Decision Factor

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with Ben Fogarty, Founder and CEO of Xpon Digital who jumps at the chance to off-load his annoyance about the time it can take clients to make a decision about a project, only to then expect work to get going immediately once agreed!

He also shares his frustrations about the complexities of deciding whether it's a good idea anymore to move to the UK and set up a business, all things considered .. is it going to carry on getting harder and harder? can the process be improved?

2 bugbears with one thing in common. Welcome to The Decision Factor.

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

Episode 56 - Ben Fogarty - Xpon Digital

Joining us this week on BWB is our favourite digital strategist Ben Fogarty.

Ben is a founder and CEO of several innovative startups focused on delivering digital strategies and applications that make customer experiences better. He has a proven track record in creating and launching products and services used by some of the best global brands, including The BBC, The Guardian, Nike, EA Sports and Amnesty International.

Andy and Dominic take a deep dive into how Ben's life went from being a cleaner to fully fledged entrepreneur. They all discuss what they believe it takes to build a career in Tech in today's world, what creates good company culture as well as take the opportunity to loosen their belts and give us a piece of their mind on what they think about big business negligence with not paying people on time (Tut Tut!) All that plus lots more in what has become one of our favourite episodes so far!

BWB is powered by Oury Clark.

Episode 55 - BWB Extra - Changing Cultures with William Lawrie

This week's episode of BWB Extra continues our conversation with William Lawrie, Co-Founder and Director of Dubai-based art gallery LawrieShabibi who talks about the UAE's socioeconomic changes over the last 15 years which ultimately gave rise to the creation of the middle-eastern art scene and culture.

We discuss the fundamental differences between the UAE past and present, how its effected the region's emerging market economy as well as hear William demystify the intricate socio geographical relationships between the states that make up the UAE.

Welcome, to Creating Cultures.

Episode 54 - William Lawrie - Lawrie-Shabibi

William Lawrie, Co-Founder and Director of Lawrie-Shabibi, a Dubai-based Art Gallery joins us this week on BWB.

With a degree in Art History and a speciality in Islamic Art, William’s been involved in the Dubai art scene since 2005 with British Auction House Christie’s, organising the first international art auction there in 2006 and then becoming their first Art Specialist based in the Middle East which subsequently led Will onto co-founding Lawrie-Shabibi.

We hear William tell us how he went from being an Edinburgh University Art student to travelling all over the Middle-East discovering new modern art to then co-founding his own first-of-its-kind gallery in Dubai and kick starting the city's art culture. He also gives his thoughts to our staple BWB questions about the realities and challenges of running a business and how he handles it.

Episode 53 - BWB Extra - Renee Elliott and Sam Wigan

Hello and welcome to BWB Extra! This week we continue our conversation with Beluga Bean "well-being" enterprise founders Renee Elliott and Sam Wigan where we give them full permission to get in the hot seats, put their coaching hats on and shine their personal discovery mirrors at Dominic and Philippa to give them both a full treatment of self-awareness. Welcome, to The Beluga Bean Effect.

And for new listeners, BWB Extra is our new weekly follow-up feature to each of our guest's main episodes where we hand over the reins to our guests to let them lead the conversation with their biggest bug bear, most burning business question or even just a topic of their choice to discuss.

Episode 52 - Sam Wigan and Renee Elliott - Beluga Bean

Founders of Beluga Bean, Sam Wigan and Renee Elliott join us this week on BWB.

Beluga Bean is a well-being enterprise pioneering new strategies for success in business and life. Through Corporate Training, Personal Coaching and Business Advisory services the team deliver powerful journeys of personal discovery that promote individual and team success. After all, Beluga Bean’s key belief is that “Self-awareness is good for business".

In this episode we hear Sam and Renee talk about how they met, why they started Beluga Bean and hear their thoughtful responses to our staple questions with some great advice and wisdom shared for founders, entrepreneurs and business owners alike. And not forgetting the all-improved Business vs. Bullsh-t Quickfire Round!


Episode 51 - Changing Industries with Jason Gibb

Officially welcoming BWB Extra! our new extended feature which will follow on from each guest's main episode. The aim? to hand the reins over to our guests and let them lead the conversation with their biggest bug bear, most burning question in business, or even just a topic they'd like to discuss with our hosts.

This week we follow on with Jason Gibb who speaks about how big businesses need to change from within to help drive more sustainable development goals and help tackle climate change. He gives examples of where he’s seeing this change take place, and equally highlights where more of it needs to happen.

Are business growth and ethics able to co-exist? Are companies doing enough to make this planet a better place? Is Amazon to blame for it all? It's all up for debate. Welcome to Changing Industries.

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