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Episode 129 - BWB Extra - Science of Learning with William Wadsworth

This week's BWB Extra continues our conversation with William Wadsworth Founder of Exam Study Expert where we dive deeper into discussing the science of learning and talk about the different types of learning techniques, which ones William prefers to teach and discuss the differences in people's learning capabilities and how to best approach them. We also hear about William's client experiences and his plans to grow and scale the business.

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Episode 40 - Nathan Macabuag - Koalaa

"Are you in love with the problem that you are solving?"

Founder of Koalaa: Soft Prosthetics Service, Nathan Macabuag joins Dominic Frisby and Juliet Oury on this week’s episode of Business Without Bullsh-t.

A born and bred East Londoner, Nathan’s career path started during his gap year as an Engineer at an automotive plant in Gloucestershire which led him onto eventually studying a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, after which he fell into the world of Prosthetics (fuelled by his nerd obsession with robotics and Iron Man) and developed a passion for wanting to make Prosthetics more accessible and affordable for everyone. In 2020, Nathan set up Koalaa - a virtual support service for people with limb differences around the world.

The three discuss exactly how and why Nathan came to start Koalaa; the difference between conventional prosthetics and Koalaa's design and how their business model is managing to be a profitable one at such an early stage. Nathan also opens up about his upbringing and how it inspired him to take his chosen career path and what he envisages as the future of Koalaa.

Nathan is one of the nicest and brightest people we've had the pleasure of talking to. Press play to find out why


Episode 41 - Michael Branagan-Harris - Device Access UK

"Make the life of your team as simple as possible"

Michael Branagan-Harris, CEO of Device Access UK joins Andrew and Dominic this week on BWB.

With a background in Medical and Healthcare Sales, Business Development, and Management, in 2010 Micheal set up Device Access UK - a Med Tech consultancy firm specializing in market access, which basically means they help Medical Device and Diagnostic companies navigate their way into the NHS and ultimately accelerate patient access to great medical technology.

The three speak about the realities of selling new technologies to the Medical and Healthcare industry and Michael's approach to convincing big and usually slow-to-change institutions of the benefits of new Med Tech. Michael also tells us about his past success stories where the introduction of new technology has benefitted both the industry and patient health, and how he approached building his company's culture to achieve success.

The conversation goes broader with a discussion about the use of Big Data in Healthcare and the implications of Silicon Valley now turning their attention to what they call 'the Healthcare problem'.

A fascinating insight into how product selling actually works within a complex industry like Healthcare.


Episode 37 - Melina Jacovou - Propel

"Everything you suggest you are, you have to be”

Melina Jacovou joins Dominic and Juliet on this week’s episode of Business Without Bullsh-t. Melina’s a very prominent figure in the UK digital industry. She founded Propel in 2001 and has grown it into one of the largest independent digital talent business in the UK, winning a MARA Award for “Best Large Agency” in 2012.

Melina’s also a passionate Thought-Leader, Writer and Public Speaker, challenging debates around women in business, gender pay gaps, diversity, future technology, the effects of the gig economy and the importance of company culture. She’s been named in the Hospital Club’s “Top 100 Influential People in Digital", has won MARA Award for “Best Human Resources Boss” and LOVES her food, wine and juices!

The three have a great conversation about all sorts including how agencies find and attract talent, what the future of the workplace and even London looks like post-COVID; the scale of companies bouncing back and causing a boom, career advice for young people, debate about whether or not 'glass ceilings’ actually exist in the workplace plus loads more. 

Melina really doesn’t hold back from giving so much of herself in this conversation. All value, zero bullsh-t. 

As always, pull up a chair, press play and soak it all in!


Episode 36 - Neil Smith - Tower Transit

"people involved in innovative teamwork need to be together"

Neil Smith, Chairman of Tower Transit is this week’s guest on Business Without Bullsh-t along with the return of Juliet Oury as co-host!

With a career spanning over 40 years in Public Transport, Neil’s originally from Sydney, Australia where he built Tower Transit - Australia’s biggest passenger carrying company responsible for carrying a whopping 380,000,000 people per year and is also present in Singapore, London and LA. He also moved from Australia to London in 2013 when he initially bought into First Group, the UK’s leading provider in transport services.

Alongside being Chairman, Neil spends a lot of his time working with Relay Trust, a charity that operates in post-conflict areas of Africa providing local community leadership training amongst other great initiatives.

The three get deep in conversation about the future of travel and transport post-Covid, scepticism around driverless cars, realities of the London Bus Network as well as hearing about Neil’s legacy work in Africa with Relay Trust.

This is the kind of episode you want to clear the diary for. No distractions, just you, Dominic, Juliet and Neil for 42 minutes. Pull up the sofa and press play.

Episode 35 - Producer's Cut

“When you’re running a business, your media diet is really important”

This week on Business Without Bullsh-t, we take a look back at the month’s episodes in conversation with Martin Adams from Codec, Jonathan Wood from C2 Cyber and our Budget Special hosted by Oury Clark’s very own Richard Oury, Ian Phipps, Simon Walsh, Jeremy Coker alongside Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby. You'll hear new, unheard parts of our conversations that take a deeper look at the topics we discussed.

There’s more from Martin Adams telling us about the top 3 business trends he’s got his eye on at the moment, as well as giving holistic advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Jonathan Wood talks about the realities of transitioning from military life back to normal living, how the entrepreneurial community can work closer with the military to facilitate veteran’s transitions back into work and how Jonathan likes to approach managing his company’s workforce and productivity. Plus there’s more from Oury Clarks’ very own Ian Phipps and Richard Oury talking about the new UK budget, in particular about the new requirements for EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) schemes as well as Richard explaining what the UK needs to do to get Free Ports working.

Another fully loaded barrel of business talk with experts, talking like people. No bullsh-t. So pull up that chair and press play (and always have a note pad handy)

Episode 34 - Jonathan Wood - C2 Cyber

"In the Navy, everyone rows the boat. In the private sector, everyone’s rowing their own boat.”

Jonathan Wood, Founder and CEO of C2 Cyber joins us this week to talk Business Without Bullsh-t.

On the surface, Jonathan’s current work-life seems synonymous to that of a typical technophile: a former Charted Engineer with a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy Systems Technology and a certified professional in Data Protection, Jonathan now runs C2 Cyber specialising in cybersecurity for major corporates and enterprises.

But there’s more to this man's legacy than meets the eye ..

Jonathan tells all about his life before C2 Cyber: from the Afghan Deserts with NATO through to the boardrooms at BT via the Royal Navy, Jonathan's directly intercepted drug smuggling operations in the Caribbean, specialised in Intelligence Gathering in Afganistan and now works with charities helping ex-veterans get back into work through mentorship and direct employment at C2 Cyber. Sounds fascinating, right?

You’ll also hear Jonathan talk about his comparables between the disciplines of military and white-collar culture, how it's influenced his approach to team building at C2 Cyber as well as hot tips on how to best protect your personal data.

Another fully loaded episode, minus the bullsh-t. Pull up a chair and press play (and stick around for the outtakes ;)

Business Without Bullsh-t is powered by Oury Clark

Episode 33 - Budget Special

"the most important budget for a generation"

This week, Business Without Bullsh-t sees an all-star line up joining Andy and Dominic for a UK Budget Special.

Bossman Richard Oury alongside Simon Walsh, Ian Phipps and Jeremy Coker take to the (virtual) round table to discuss what the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak described as “the most important budget for a generation”.

The team discuss an array of topics including their overviews of what the budget looks like as a whole and its implications on businesses and future taxes, the dawn of new VAT rates post-Brexit, how the housing industry has been affected by the extended zero rates on Stamp Duty Land Tax, how the new Self Employment Income Support Scheme will make 600,000 more people eligible for grants and how all of this incredibly generous government spending will be paid back in the long run. Andy also tells us how he plans to do his bit to refuel the economy (involving lots of wine and lobster!)

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, this is a no bullsh-t breakdown of the UK budget given by experts, speaking as people. Pull up a chair and press play (with a notepad and pen handy).

Episode 32 - Martin Adams - Codec

"Good business is basically understanding culture"

Martin Adams, Founder of Codec joins Andy and Dominic this week on Business Without Bullsh-t to talk about how Codec’s cutting-edge AI and Deep Learning technology is enabling them to help companies gain a better understanding of their audience's cultural behaviour through the content they interact with. Fascinating and smart to say the least.

But the focus wasn’t just on plugging Codec.

The three went deeper and spoke about the nefarious side of Ad Tech fraud (those cheeky Russian gangsters!), the ever-evolving alliance between government and Big Tech; will we even need governments as public service providers in the future when the tech industry is doing a much better job? and the truth behind the Games Stop fiasco, an indecent which clearly exemplified the power of harnessing online communities to create seismic change in the “real” world.

In fact, so much valuable ground was covered in this conversation that we thought why not deliver the goodness in digestible portions? so expect to hear more from Martin about his top 3 business trends, plus some sage advice for future entrepreneurs, later this month. In the meantime, pull up a chair, press play and get stuck into this week’s serving.

Episode 31 - Uncensored

"Unfortunately, white tourists in China are bad people"

This week on Business Without Bullsh-t, we take a look back at the month’s episodes to round up some of our favourite moments in conversation with Richard Celm of Startupbootcamp Australia and Entrepreneur Tom Graham .. but with a bit of a twist .. we’ve put them together with new, unheard parts of the conversations where you'll hear Tom speak about his experiences living in China, what learnt about the Chinese way of life and the differences between eastern and western cultures. He also talks more about his time working at Harvard, its social structures and gives comparisons to education in Australia. Richard also dives deeper into Crowd Funding and which sectors are the most appealing in Australia as well as giving tips on the best and cheapest investment platforms on the market today. 
As always, we get straight to the point, minus the bullsh-t. Pull up a chair and press play.

Episode 30 - Crypto Bitesize Special

"It is new technology. The better you can work it, the better you will invest"

If you caught last week’s episode, you would’ve heard just how articulately Tom spoke about a range of topics, so much so that we decided to save our favourite part of the conversation for its own mini-episode speaking about one of my hot topics, and one which is on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the moment - Cryptocurrency.

Not even sure what Cryptocurrency is? don’t worry, nor does Andy, and you’ll hear Tom break it down beautifully as well hear us give advice on how to take your first steps into the world of DeFi.

Episode 29 - Tom Graham - Founder

"Bitcoin is rapidly replacing the role gold has played for 60 years"

Tom Graham is this week’s guest on Business Without Bullsh-t. With a CV length stretching from London to a small Cheese shop in Paris, Tom’s career legacy really is something. He’s the Founder of several successful tech companies, was Managing Partner at TLDR, a leading crypto advisory firm, a qualified Lawyer who lived and practised in China speaking fluent Chinese, and was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School.

Tom’s wealth of knowledge and calibre of thought took the conversation to some fascinating and insightful depths covering a range of topics including the world of DeFi, the impact of Cryptocurrency and how it’s becoming Gold 2.0, why Food and Energy Security are the next spaces to be looking at for future projects and why world governments must step in and start working with social networks to regulate the dissemination of false information to protect the health of society. And that’s just this week’s dose ????

We also flip the script and go off-topic for a quick minute to hear Andy's perspective around privilege. He speaks from experience and wears his heart on his sleeve for this one!

Pull up a chair and press play.

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