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Posted on: 21 May, 14

Client Proposition Brochure

This brochure is designed to help you understand how we work as financial advisers and the value we seek to deliver to our clients.

About Oury Clark Financial Services

Oury Clark was founded in 1935 by Walter H Oury, father of Richard Oury, in Eton High Street. Today we operate primarily out of our Thames Valley office in Slough, and our London office on John Street. The practice has developed over the years from being a traditional accounting practice offering the services you would expect (audit & accounts preparation, tax, insolvency etc) to being a full service practice and more.

Oury Clark Financial Services are a specialist team of highly qualified independent financial advisers. Based in both the Slough and London offices of Oury Clark, we provide tailored advice to both private individuals and corporate clients on a range of areas.

This may include: retirement and pensions advice; tax efficient investment planning; mortgage finance; estate preservation planning; employee benefits implementation and promotion; and business and personal protection. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

ow we help our clients

We help our clients to answer life’s important financial questions.

  • When will I be able to afford to retire?
  • Will there be a time in my life when I run out of money?
  • Am I taking too much (or too little) risk with my investments?
  • Can I afford to move house?
  • What will happen to my family ifl cannot work?
  • Can I afford to privately educate my children or put them through University?
  • How much inheritance tax will my children and grandchildren have to pay?

Experience tells us that many people do not know the answers to these questions. However, they do appreciate the importance of getting these answers.

We believe that the success of any business is based upon honesty and openness. At Oury Clark we are looking to build long standing relationships with our clients and this can be demonstrated by the fact that many of our clients have been clients for decades and have also had the confidence to recommend us to their friends and family when they have required financial advice.

At Oury Clark, we believe that professional financial advice can add significant value to individuals and businesses. It is because of this that we provide a comprehensive ongoing review service designed to create real value for our clients.

As your partner in building wealth and security, we focus on ways that we can help you to live the life you want to live. By engaging Oury Clark you assure yourself of regular financial checkups and access to new ideas brought to you by the Oury Clark team.

We best serve people who:

  • have little time and/or expertise to manage their financial affairs;
  • are seeking expert financial advice and / or investment management;
  • want help to create and maintain a financial plan to make the most of their hard earned money;
  • need a sounding board;
  • want the discipline of a regular review of their finances;
  • are seeking a sense of control, peace of mind and financial freedom; and or
  • regard service and a trusted relationship as key to working with advisers of any sort.

Financial Planning Process

Deciding how best to plan your finances can be daunting. With so many options available and so many uncertainties, how do you choose what’s right for you? Our job is to eliminate as much of that uncertainly as possible and to work with you to identify the most appropriate way for you to achieve your financial goals. By working through a series of logical steps, we will help you gain a better understanding of the options available, and working together, we can devise and implement a suitable financial plan to target your goals.

The personal Financial Planning process consists of the following six steps:

Specialist Areas Include:

  • Investment management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business & Family Protection
  • Employee Benefits
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Equity Release
  • Health and long term care

1 Establish and define the client-adviser relationship.

We will listen to what you want from a professional adviser, help you articulate your financial goals and ask about your current arrangements. This will establish whether we can be of service to you. If we believe we can deliver value for money, we will explain how we can help you and the costs of our services. If we agree to work with each other, we can quickly move to the next stage.

2 Getting to know you.

We will gather information about your financial situation. Together we will define your personal and financial goals, understand the time frame for results and discuss how you feel about risk. Our comprehensive discussion with you provides insight into your goals and your existing situation, including:

  • your financial goals and needs
  • your income & expenditure
  • valuation of your assets & liabilities
  • your insurance policies and investment funds
  • types of asset held in your investment funds
  • your attitude to investment risk
  • your priorities
  • any other relevant data affecting your plans

3 Analyse and evaluate financial status.

We will analyse this information to assess your current position and determine what you must do to meet your goals. Depending on what services you have asked for, this could include analysing assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, retirement planning, investments or tax strategies.

4 Develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.

We will then offer recommendations that address your goals, based on the information provided. We will discuss the recommendations with you to help you understand so that you can make informed decisions. We will listen to your concerns and revise the recommendations as appropriate.

5 Implement the financial planning recommendations.

We will then agree on how the recommendations will be carried out. We are likely to carry out the recommendations and administer any contracts to be implemented. You will be kept updated as to the progress of the implementation stage.

We will:

  • deal with all necessary paperwork
  • deal with changes to existing arrangements
  • contact you when arrangements are completed to confirm what has been done and emphasise the documentation you need to retain
  • liaise with your other professional advisers
  • explain how our on-going review service provides you with peace of mind
  • keep you informed of our progress

6 Monitor the financial planning recommendations.

Establishing a sound financial strategy is a major step towards securing the lifestyle

you wish to lead. However, as the world around you changes, your strategy needs to evolve if it is to keep on helping you achieve your goals. T erefore, we have developed a range of ongoing service arrangements to ensure we can help clients keep their plans on track. Your adviser will discuss and agree with you which arrangement is appropriate to your strategy.

Oury Clark Approach to Investment - a summary

Our approach to managing money is based on comprehensive intellectual research and our decisions are based on a combination of leading academic theory and time tested principles. This should provide a more coherent and dependable investment strategy. We do not believe in chasing performance or attempting to second guess what the markets will do. We adopt a structured and disciplined approach to investing which seeks to manage risk, target appropriate return, minimise tax and above all help our clients to increase the probability of achieving their financial and lifestyle objectives. Risk and uncertainty cannot be eliminated, but through clarity and understanding it can be managed.

We also believe that one of the most effective ways to catch opportunities and minimise risk is through diversification. By blending long and short term asset allocation decisions with some passive and active investment management we seek to achieve broad diversification for our clients.

What we don't believe in...

  • Putting all your eggs in one basket.
  • Trying to second guess the markets.
  • Taking bets with your money.
  • Making emotional decisions.
  • Following the herd.
  • Merely looking at past performance

What we do believe in...

  • An asset allocation approach.
  • In depth market and fund research.
  • Skilled Fund Managers can add value.
  • A blended portfolio.
  • Ongoing research and monitoring.
  • Time in the market.

We follow a consistent, professional investment advice process over 7 key steps

  1. Objective setting
  2. Personal Risk Profile Determined
  3. Asset Allocation - determining the ‘blueprint’ of asset types in your investment solution
  4. Portfolio Construction - selecting funds to populate your asset allocation blueprint
  5. Tax Wrapper Selection
  6. Investment Administration and Valuation
  7. Ongoing Review - investment planning should not be a one-off event

Ongoing Review Service

Establishing a sound financial strategy is a major step toward making the right choices to secure the rewarding lifestyle that you wish to lead. However, true security comes with the knowledge that, as the world around you changes, your strategy also needs to evolve not simply to address those changes, but to benefit from them wherever possible. In this way, your financial strategy becomes a dynamic program that continually helps you to keep making the right choices and achieve your goals.

Through our ongoing review service, your Oury Clark advisory team can help you approach your future with confidence. You will be in control of your finances, but supported by your own Financial Planner and his or her support team.

There are three service options available to you:

OC Advisory OC Wealth Management OC Private Client
For clients who want This service incorporates For clients who require telephone updates and annual review meetings and frequent reviews, and want annual valuations on a ensures your investments a fully integrated financial simple investment strategy. administered by Oury Clark plan. This ensures you have For help with additional remain relevant to your the right financial strategy issues we will advise any current goals and attitude to help ensure you optimise fees chargeable. This service incorporates annual review meetings and ensures your investments administered by Oury Clark remain relevant to your current goals and attitude to investment. For clients who require frequent reviews, and want a fully integrated financial plan. This ensures you have the right financial strategy to help ensure you optimise and protect your overall financial position.

With Oury Clark’s ongoing review service you can be firmly in control of your finances. Of course, you have a part to play in ensuring your financial strategy remains on target. We ask that you let us know about any changes to your financial or personal circumstances and the extent to which these changes affect you. This will enable your adviser to make recommendations as to the necessary adjustments to your plan or help you take advantage of any opportunities these changes open up for you.

The benefits will be that managing your finances will become easier, more enjoyable and less time consuming for you.

What does this mean to you?
First and foremost - Peace of mind

Oury Clark’s Review Service - it all adds up to:

  • Ongoing independent and confidential advice to help you make the right choices
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Achievement of your goals
  • Less time worrying about your finances - greater security for the family
  • More time enjoying the rewarding lifestyle your financial strategy is designed to deliver

How We Are Paid For The Value We Deliver

Every client is unique in respect of their circumstances, objectives, needs and wants from an advisory firm. It is important that we understand the scope of work required to cater for each person, business and family.

Once this is established, we can confirm our charges so that potential clients can make a fully informed decision about the value they can derive from engaging our services.

Initial Consultation - at our expense

A meeting to discuss your objectives, how we work and whether we can work together will be held at our expense. We will explain how we are paid and ensure you understand our approach before you incur any liability to charges.

Strategy and Implementation Fee

Our fee for:

  • creating a strategy
  • making specific recommendations to put that strategy into action
  • implementing your decisions in a timely and accurate fashion

will usually be based upon a small percentage e.g. 3%, of the value of the wealth upon which we are asked to advise, subject to a minimum overall fee.

If you do not wish to implement arrangements as a result of our advice, we will only ask you to pay a fixed fee for work done to create our recommendations. You will be made aware of this fee before we commence work.

Method of Payment

In many cases, our fee can be deducted from the investments we arrange for clients.

Ongoing administration and service

Depending on the scale and complexity of the wealth and investments being managed and reviewed, and the frequency of the meetings and reporting this typically amounts between 0.5% and 1% per annum of the wealth being advised upon (please refer to our Fee and Service Schedule for further details).

Fees for ad hoc advice or project work

For advice on specific issues at outset or those not covered by a regular service and review programme, a separate project fee can be agreed before any work is undertaken or costs incurred. Examples of these issues include:

  • Pension Transfer Advice
  • Occupational Pension Scheme Reviews
  • Annuity advice
  • Mortgages/Equity Release
  • Life & other insurances
  • Reports and advice on assets subject to Trusts

We will tell you if any of our charges are subject to VAT


The information given in this document is for infonnation only and does not constitute investment. legal. accounting or tax advice, or representation that any investment or service is suitable or appropriate to your individual circumstances.

You should seek professional advice before making any investment decision.

The value of investments. and the income from them, can fall as well as rise.

An investor may not get back the amount of money invested.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

The facts and opinions expressed are those of the author of the document as of the date of writing and are liable to change without notice. We do not make any representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the material and do not accept liability for any loss arising from the use hereof. We are under no obligation to ensure that updates to the document are brought to the attention of any recipient of this material.

Oury Clark is authorised and regulated by the financial Services Authority.

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