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Posted on: 06 Jan, 21

Welcome to our Guide to Designing Your Own Lifestyle Plan. It happens to most of us at the start of a new year, and especially this year, after the financial and emotional devastation caused by last year’s coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak.

We may be reflecting more on the way we’ve been living our lives and want to make some positive changes going forward. But, ultimately, it’s important to remember that we are in charge of our own destiny and it’s better to start late than never to start at all.

As we’ve seen, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in markedly different ways and the pandemic will continue to affect our finances for years to come. What is essential is that we don’t let fear get in the way just because we’re not sure what exactly change will bring. We must also not be complacent because we’re comfortable with our life, even though we know we can do better.

So, ask yourself: How do I ensure the plans I make are going to get me to where I want to be financially? How do I go after the life I want? It all starts by taking into account your financial needs and wants, from wealth creation to investing to protection. For most of us, it’s our financial goals that are likely to be the biggest, most life-changing goals of all. But due to the hectic lives we live, they can all too often be put on the back burner...

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