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Posted on: 05 May, 16

Inside this issue

Welcome to our latest issue in which we lookat the major talking points that could impacton your financial plans both today and in thefuture, especially as we enter a new financialyear and take stock of the announcementsfrom Budget 2016 – and then there’s thematter of ‘Brexit’.

With an increasing focus on ‘Brexit’, ourinvestment clients will naturally be monitoringthe impact on financial markets ahead of thereferendum scheduled for Thursday 23 June.The nature of investment is long term. Onpage 08, we look at why constantly makingchanges to take into account short-termevents often proves to be counterproductivein the long term. Movements in currenciesand shares are often fairly short-lived, as theresult of the Scottish referendum showed.

The State Pension changed on 6 April 2016.If you reach State Pension age on or afterthat date, you’ll now receive the new StatePension under the new rules. The aim of thenew State Pension is to make it simpler tounderstand. But there are some complicatedchangeover arrangements which you needto know about if you’ve already madecontributions under the previous system.Read the full article on page 23.

The introduction of the new LifetimeIndividual Savings Account (LISA) next year isaimed at helping young people save flexiblyfor the long term throughout their lives, andsimultaneously enabling them to save for afirst home and for their retirement withouthaving to choose one over the other. Find outmore on page 06.

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