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Posted on: 11 May, 20

Welcome to our Guide to Investment Insights. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting societies and markets around the world. As concerns over the pandemic continue to dominate headlines, cause volatility in the market and subsequently shake con!dence, it is perfectly normal for investors to become nervous, question their investment approach and concentrate on the potential for short-term losses over their longerterm investment strategy.

During any market ups and downs, it’s important for investors to remain calm and focus on long-term goals. Selling investments when markets appear to be in crisis mode may feel like the right thing to do. However, decades’ worth of market data show that staying invested through volatile times has been a smart route to take to pursue long-term !nancial goals.

Overreacting to short-term news and normal market movements may lead some investors to inappropriately alter their asset allocations, potentially harming their ability to achieve long-term investment goals. Rather than fear volatile markets, investors should maintain their composure by staying focused on long-term economic and market expectations.

As any investors will know, market volatility is unavoidable and there will always be uncertainty in the markets, but it is important to stay focused on long-term fundamentals of the market. In volatile times, there is o"en a temptation to withdraw money from the market or hold o# investing altogether, waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to invest. But when is the perfect time? Values can fall further, or not rise as expected, and investors could be putting their money at greater risk by waiting.

Understanding !nancial market tendencies is essential, and history o"en provides us with helpful lessons. $e bull markets have historically been longer and more sustained than bear markets. Consequently, those who have stayed invested have bene!ted from subsequent rebounds.

During volatile times, some investors may understandably become agitated and begin to question their fundamental investment decisions and choices. $is is especially true for those investors who monitor their portfolios daily and can be tempted to pull out of the market and wait on the sidelines until it seems safe to dive back in. But the reality is that market corrections and volatility are a part of the overall investing experience.

Although it might seem logical to think that investing is just about getting the best possible return on your money, goal-based investing – structuring your investment around your speci!c !nancial aims

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