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This week we will be looking at:

  1. Furlough – Key Q&A – Our top questions we have had, and our answers.
  2. Furlough – Getting the cash… Using the portal, and the headaches in between.
  3. Staff matters – Looking after your staff – Our head of financial service team, gives some insight into what employers and staff should be getting in place, in this difficult time.
  4. Raising money – The quest continues… The Future Fund – what we know so far. Matched funding? Does it work with EIS, or ASA’s? Banking / Cbils – are they helping now? Other funds and funding available – Ebury, Innovate, R&D, mortgage your home?
  5. Life on hold – Delay everything? Maybe not… Audit, covenants, waiting on bad news.
  6. Back to Business... as (un)usual? – Looking at the early trends, and changes…

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