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Merry Christmas one and all!

Posted on: 16 Dec, 22

And a huge thank you to our friends & clients.

Oury says...

Thank you so much to our fantastic clients. We think you are all pretty super.

Well most of you.

Clark says...
Oury says...

It's been a really busy year particularly if you were a political journalist or a revolving door fitter.  One of the highlights of the year was our global economy overview podcast with Neil Parker from NatWest.  A really meaty deep dive into everything.

Size isn’t everything, I preferred the one on the train - at least it was quick.

Clark says...
Oury says...

Interesting take, we had loads of other fabulous people on from Crypto Queens (no, not that one) to Dangerous Therapists so if you have some time, some headphones and are wanting to escape over the festive period why not relax, have a vat of mulled wine and peruse the back catalogue.

Did you say VAT? no time to think about VAT at the moment, you should be thinking about your personal tax return.

Clark says...
Oury says...

Very festive of you Clark, they aren’t due until the 31st of Jan.

Well, it’ll be here before you know it Oury, and why not give your accountant a Christmas present and start early. If you think you need help just fill in this form and we can do the rest.

Clark says...
Oury says...

Well certainly one thing off the to do list, and everyone likes tidy up before the family descend for festivities.  If you need any other help getting your house in order drop our friendly team a line, we can help with investments, pensions and personal legal advice - though sadly not the hoovering.

That reminds me, can you give me a hand setting up a bed in my home office for Great Aunt Agatha? means I'll have to metaphorically close the office for a few days.

Clark says...
Oury says...

But of course, least I can do, closing offices all the rage over Christmas, which reminds me, dear readers, the Oury & Clark offices will be closed after the 23rd of December until the 3rd of January.

Thanks Oury, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

Clark says...

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