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Unicorns, Speed Dating and Bazball

Posted on: 30 Jun, 23

June was quite the month, what with London Tech Week, VivaTech in Paris and new free trade agreements coming into force. Apparently, there’s been some cricket happening too. Oury and Clark are here as always to bring you up to speed with everything.

Oury says...

Hey Clark, what’s with the face paint?

Didn't you watch the Ashes first test? So close, so exciting, England lost - but it doesn’t matter apparently. This is Bazball! It’s about entertainment.

Clark says...
Oury says...

What’s a Bazball? Sounds painful. Anyway, I thought that you liked Test Cricket precisely because it was boring and predictable. And that you hated losing to Australians more than anything else?

That was the old me. I love the Australians now, and the Kiwis come to that. I mean Baz is a Kiwi after all.

Clark says...
Oury says...

Wow, that’s quite some change of heart. What’s happened? This can’t all be about cricket.

It’s the free trade agreements - it’s a new world of opportunities. Or at least opportunities in the “New World”. Trade tariffs are largely disappearing, or at least being phased out between the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Clark says...
Oury says...

Trade tariffs, you know how to get a girl excited Clark. So does this mean i’ll be able to get cheaper vegemite? Makes a yummy sandwich

Oh, for sure, and it’s not just the tariffs, there are loads of positives around things like travel, visas, access to government contracts, alignment of professional qualifications and standards.

Clark says...
Oury says...

That’s a lot to take in. Do you have a handy guide I could read that summarises it?

I thought you’d never ask. I’ve not just got one, I've got two. One for Australia and one for New Zealand - there are a few subtle differences, but they are broadly the same. We had lots of fun talking about them (well talking about the possibilities they bring) with lots of Aussie and Kiwi companies across London Tech week with the Department for Business & Trade and Tribe Global Ventures. Surprised you weren’t around. What have you been up to?

Clark says...
Oury says...

Well I got to hang around with a Big Cheese from the Big Apple (we love doing business with Americans too you know). And of course, I went speed dating.

Speed dating? I heard a whisper, It’s the office gossip this week! Is love in the air?

Clark says...
Oury says...

Oh, behave Clark. Business Without Bullshit went speed dating on a train with Grow London, London and Partners and a whole bunch of fascinating business founders and investors between London and Vivatech Paris.

Ooh, Paris, La Ville-Lumière, La Ville d’Amour. The city of a thousand stories, tell me more.

Clark says...
Oury says...

I could tell you, but you know what would be better than that - and far more efficient in terms of space in this update?

I hope you say a podcast, I love a podcast. Particularly a nerdy one about cricket.

Clark says...
Oury says...

Oh, Clark, that one’s just a load of balls compared to ours - check out all about our trip to Paris here

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