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Protecting Founder's Interests

Philippa Sturt and Simon Walsh round-off series 1 with a much-needed discussion about Protecting Founder’s Interests.

It’s easy for a Founder to overlook how much of their right they end up giving away to an investor when in the midst of trying to raise money to keep their business going. Philippa and Simon talk us through the common pitfalls they’ve seen and advise on how a Founder should best approach entering into an Investor agreement that is fair and protectional.

Expect to hear about Investor Veto Rights, Board Control, Share Transfers, Leaver Provisions, Drag Alongs plus more.

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Previous Episodes


Audits is up next with Emma Crowley and Ian Phipps guiding us through the woods and telling us what an Audit exactly is, who needs one, how to prepare for it as well as discussing commonly made mistakes, the big concept of “Going Concerns” plus more. An essential guide for medium / large size businesses who may well need one at some point.


Immigration is up next on the Audio Quick Guides demystified by Juliet Oury and Simon Walsh.

Alongside Dominic Frisby, the three discuss the practicalities and details of Immigration regulations for businesses wanting to set up or currently operating in the UK, paying particular attention to post-Brexit changes. They cover the multiple visa options on offer and how Tax should be correctly handled, right-to-work checks, business expansion requirements, and all subsequent immigration fees as well as addressing the effects on EU National spouses returning to the UK post-Brexit, plus more.


Cloud Accounting

Andrew Oury teams up with Mike Derby to educate us on the pros and cons of Cloud Accounting.

Alongside Dominic Frisby, the three discuss what Cloud Accounting is, how it can benefit a business's data infrastructure and workflow, how and why HMRC is integrating their systems into cloud networks as well as best practices, key requirements, and things to avoid if you want to use the software correctly.

Inheritance Tax

Stepping up for the next round of the Oury Clark Audio Quick Guides is company head Richard Oury alongside Emma Florentin-Lee to unpack Inheritance Tax.

Alongside Dominic Frisby, the three discuss what Inheritance Tax is, who it affects and how to best plan your wealth for it.

As unpopular as it is, HMRC has created ways in which you can minimize Inheritance Tax to insure that your inheritors receive as much as relatively possible. Successful long-term planning led by the right advisors is the key and in this episode, you’ll hear Oury Clark experts speak openly and honestly about how to best approach it.

Enterprise Investment Schemes

Andrew Oury teams up with Jeremy Coker for the next round of the Oury Clark Quick Guides to demystify Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS).

Alongside Dominic Frisby, the three unpack what EIS is, what types of businesses qualify, and how both companies and investors can benefit from them. They also discuss the underpinning criteria, things to avoid messing up your eligibility, best practices for applications plus more.

Company Benefits

Juliet Oury and Andrew Thomas step up for episode 5, peeling back the layers around Company Benefits.

Alongside Dominic Frisby, the three unpack how company benefits actually work, the different types on offer, both “free" and paid for, and best practices for providing them to employees.

An essential guide for any start-up or established business that wants to offer its employees more value.

Property & Landlords

Round 4 sees company head Richard Oury alongside Ian Phipps, and Jemma Lalwani step up to guide us through the vast topic of Property and Landlords.

They talk about common oversights when leasing a property and how to best avoid them (and very large bills!) alongside covering Delapidations, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Flexible Leasing, Service Charges, Way Leave Agreements, Planning plus more.

An essential guide for anyone who's renting property for their business.

Tax Relief

Andrew Oury and James Pleace step up for the next round of the Oury Clark Quick Guides taking us through the brighter side of the T Word - Tax Relief.

They unpack two types of relief - Research and Design, and Video Games - and talk through eligibility requirements, different scenarios where a company would and wouldn't be able to apply, and the application process itself which, funny enough, includes getting a thumbs up from the British Film Industry. Want to know more?

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Company Setup in the UK

Ian Phipps and Simon Walsh step up for the next round of the Oury Clark Audio Quick Guides, this time guiding us through the woods of setting up a company in the UK.

They cover the different types of companies you can form, best practice for registering a company name, processing accounts, and general administration (very important if you want to avoid penalties!) plus they tell us about the common cock-ups to avoid and their top 3 pieces of advice.

Whether you're a native or foreign business entity wanting to set up in the UK, this guide will help you do it the right way


GDPR and Data Protection

Episode one sees host Dominic Frisby sit with Corporate and Commercial Solicitor and Oury Clark partner, Simon Walsh alongside Employment and Data Protection Solicitor Cacy-Leigh Neilson to discuss best practices for GDPR and Data Protection. 

The three discuss general rights to privacy, PECR, E-Marketing and Cookie regulations, international data transfer policies, breach reporting, DSARS plus lots more. 

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