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Episode 298 - QUIZ - Businessor Bullshit with Ben Shalom - Founder - BOXXER


EP 298 - Boxxer founder & CEO Ben Shalom is in the quiz seat this week giving his thoughts on Andy and Pippa’s hit list of business terms - from bootstrapping and guerrilla marketing to golden handshakes and five-year forecasts, Ben answers with insights from his own experiences, shedding light on the practicalities in real business life.


00:00 Business or Bullshit with Ben Shalom

00:38 Bootstrapping and Business Growth Insights

01:43 Guerrilla Marketing and Golden Handshakes

02:13 Sweat Equity, Family Offices, and Down Rounds

04:43 Bitcoin, Ratchets, and Investment Insights

05:35 Scoring the Game and Wrapping Up

06:01 Reflections and Farewell


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Previous Episodes

Episode 297 - Boxing's Brand Champion: How Ben Shalom Built An Empire

Episode 297 - Ben is the the founder and CEO of Boxer, a boxing promotion company valued at £25,000,000.

Starting with a £10,000 loan at the age of 23, Ben successfully broke into the boxing promotional industry, a feat not achieved since the 1970s. Now at 30, he has secured exclusive contracts with Sky Sports in the UK and NBC in America. 

We discuss the uniqueness of the boxing industry, its' lack of brands, and Ben’s journey in creating a successful brand within this space. We speak about the importance of understanding the business side of sports, the challenges of promoting in a fragmented sport, and the significance of boxing as a sport that changes lives and builds character.

Ben also explains why politics within the boxing industry qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 BWB with Ben Shalom

01:24 Breaking Into Boxing and Building a Brand

03:14 Boxing's Challenges and Opportunities

14:14 Innovating and Expanding in the Boxing World

21:35 Accessibility, Diversity, and Global Reach

25:30 The Eccentric Tales of Henry VIII

25:58 Boxing Politics

27:19 The Digital Age of Boxing and Its Global Appeal

28:10 Understanding Boxing Championships

29:29 The Cultural Impact of Boxing in the UK

33:06 Personal Insights and the Business Side of Boxing

35:16 Navigating the Boxing Industry

41:33 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Ben

46:19 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs and Final Thoughts


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If you'd like to be on the show, get in contact - mail@businesswithoutbullshit.me

BWB is powered by Oury Clark

Episode 296 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Ken Okoroafor - The Humble Penny & Financial Joy

The Humble Penny founder and co-author of Financial Joy Ken Okoroafor jumps in the quiz seat this week giving his views on a range of business terms.

Ken particularly emphasises the importance of understanding various financing options, advantages of intrapreneurship, necessity of insurance, preparing for life's inevitabilities and the significance of personal financial management.


00:00 Business or Bullshit quiz Ken Okoroafor

00:27 The Burn Rate Debate: Business or Bullshit?

00:50 Private Equity: Overhyped or Essential for Growth?

02:41 Intrapreneurship: Making Money Within Your Job

03:40 Love-Hate Relationship with Internal Meetings

04:15 The Role of Guerrilla Marketing

05:04 The Importance of Health and Safety Regulations

05:54 From Sales Funnels to Sophisticated Investors

06:13 Life Insurance: A Must-Have Financial Safety Net

10:42 Wrapping Up with Ken: Insights and Farewells


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 295 - Breaking Free from Debt: Ken Okoroafor's Blueprint for Financial Liberation

Ken, alongside his wife Mary, are the creators of The Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy, helping people achieve financial independence. Ken is a Chartered Accountant and former CFO who achieved financial independence by the age of 34 with his wife Mary. He joins us to talk their debut book Financial Joy

We discuss achieving financial freedom through financial literacy, responsible money management, and effective communication within relationships.

Ken shares his journey from financial struggles in Nigeria to financial independence in the UK, emphasising the importance of financial honesty, community, and creativity in overcoming financial challenges.

Ken also explains why misinformation in the financial industry qualifies for the big bin of bullsh*t


00:00 BWB with Ken Okoroafor

01:31 Introduction to Ken

02:07 Ken's Journey to Financial Independence

02:58 Parenting Challenges and Joys

06:43 Navigating the Digital Age with Kids

08:28 Entrepreneurial Spirit: Learning from Kids

09:33 Cultural Insights and the Hustle Mentality

22:26 Financial Transparency and Relationship Dynamics

26:24 The Money Day: A Strategy for Financial Harmony

31:36 Addressing Financial Imbalance in Relationships

34:05 Cultural Perspectives on Money and Consumerism

35:56 The Digital Age and Financial Behaviour

37:19 The Power of Conversation in Relationships

38:03 Navigating Finances as a Partnership

39:19 Accountability and Financial Management

40:01 Stigma of Debt and Financial Struggles

42:48 The Impact of Culture on Financial Openness

48:55 Finding Joy in Simplicity and Planning

50:12 The Journey to Financial Joy

51:21 Creating a Practical Guide to Financial Well-being

01:05:46 The Importance of Early Financial Planning

01:07:42 Learning from Older Generations

01:12:07 Involving Children in Financial Decisions

01:12:44 Exploring Financial Literacy with Children

01:13:08 Demystifying Stock Market Losses for Kids

01:14:17 Financial Advisors and Self-Empowerment

01:14:49 Financial Planning and Avoiding Procrastination

01:20:27 The Value of Diverse Income Streams

01:23:45 Bull in Biz - Misinformation in Finance

01:28:48 Quick Fire Round: Getting to Know Ken

01:31:53 Top Tips for Founders and Entrepreneurs

01:37:00 Final thoughts on Financial Joy


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Episode 294 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Gary Stevenson - Inequality Economist & Author

Gary's in quiz seat this week giving us his quick fire answers on topics like equal paternity leave, trader’s egos, corporate gifting to mental health in professional interactions.

We also discuss the implications of Christmas bonuses and skepticism on cryptocurrencies and over trading.


00:00 Introduction

00:30 Quiz rules

01:18 Exploring Business Jargon and Practices

01:28 The Reality of Christmas Bonuses

01:43 Corporate Culture and the Illusion of Bonuses

02:21 Royal Warrants and Corporate Gifting

04:12 The Dark Side of Influencers and Day Trading

07:20 Navigating the World of Investments

08:10 Debunking Cryptocurrency Myths

10:06 Wrap Up and Scoring


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 293 - Unveiling the Trading Game: Gary Stevenson's Confession to Economic Inequality

Gary is a former trader and now inequality economist who’s known for becoming Citibank’s most profitable trader in 2011 by predicting there would be an increase in economic inequality. Since then, he left trading and now campaigns for solving inequality.

Gary joins us to talk about his debut book The Trading Game: A Confession

We talk about Gary's transition from the trading floor to being a critic of economic inequality and wealth concentration. We discuss systemic economic issues, the societal and psychological impact of the wealth gap, the need for fair wealth distribution and how we can achieve it.

From proposing international taxes to addressing socio-economic implications, we break down the complexities of wealth distribution, take a look into the world of billionaires and trading, and explore Gary’s advocacy for a deeper common understanding of economics.


00:00 Andy’s Opening Confession 

02:20 Welcome to BWB

03:41 Meet Gary: From Trader to Equality Campaigner

04:37 Global Economy and Wealth Inequality

06:59 Dynamics of Wealth and Taxation

09:42 Personal Stories and the Impact of Background

11:02 The Trading World: A Closer Look

15:11 Unhappiness Among the Wealthy

22:15 Structural Problems of Capitalism and Taxation

33:27 Exploring Solutions to Wealth Inequality

36:36 Impact of Wealth Hoarding on Society

37:39 Psychological Aspects of Wealth and Status

38:04 Personal Reflections on Wealth and Privilege

38:22 Influence of Wealth on Opportunities and Happiness

39:07 Misconceptions of Wealth and Success

43:32 Exploring the Roots of Inequality and Its Solutions

48:19 Ramifications of Growing Inequality

55:40 Reflections on Wealth and Happiness

59:55 Advice and Insights from a Former Trader

01:02:14 Navigating the Publishing and YouTube Worlds

01:03:15 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Gary

01:05:18 Gary's top tip for entrepreneurs


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 292 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Simon Goodman - Founder - Over The Moo

Over The Moo founder Simon Goodman is in the quiz seat giving his frank opinions on influencers in marketing, corporate gifting, monthly management accounts, and the reality of foreign espionage risks. He also sheds light on the fine line between innovative strategies and mere industry jargon.


00:00 Welcome to Business or Bullshit quiz

00:58 Influencers: Business Necessity or Overrated?

02:44 Rapid-Fire Business or Bullshit Round

04:49 Exploring Corporate Culture and Buzzwords

05:54 The Awkwardness of Social Etiquette in Business

07:48 Reflecting on the Quiz and Wrapping Up


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 291 - Moo-ving Forward: Simon Goodman's Journey to Dairy-Free Dominance

Simon Goodman is founder of Over the Moo who are leading the charge for recyclable pouches of ethically made bite-sized, dark chocolate coated chunks.

We discuss the importance of sustainably sourced ingredients and the brand's commitment to eco-friendly practices. We hear about Over The Moo's future plans, challenges in the dairy-free market and Simon’s transition from a family-owned button manufacturing business to launching an ice cream brand. We also touch on the impact of globalisation, and the significance of innovation in staying relevant.

Simon also explains why greenwashing and acronyms qualify for the big bin of bullshit


00:00 Welcome to BWB

00:27 Diving Into Over The Moo's Dairy-Free Delights

02:54 The Journey of Over The Moo: From Australia to Global Ambitions

06:09 Exploring the Coconut Craze and Ethical Considerations

08:30 Simon's Entrepreneurial Journey and the Future of Over The Moo

15:29 The Challenges and Triumphs of a Family Business Legacy

24:34 Navigating Family Business Dynamics

26:07 The Future of the Family Business and Generational Wealth

30:37 The Challenges of Running a Business and Environmental Concerns

36:41 Advice for Entrepreneurs and Founders

38:18 Bullshit In Business - Greenwashing and Acroyms

39:37 The Quickfire Round: Getting To Know Simon Goodman

42:00 Reflecting on Business, Family, and Personal Growth


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 290 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Merida Sussex - Founder - MetaGen

Founder and CEO of MetaGen Merida Sussex is in the quiz seat this week discerning between what is business and what is bullshit on topics like audits, government grants, to drinking at lunch and office spaces in the meta verse. 

We also hear her perspectives on a bunch of things like the dynamics of family businesses, the role of equal paternity leave, and thoughts on decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs)


00:00 Welcome to BoB quiz

00:48 Audits: A Crucial Business Practice

01:18 Exploring Government Grants and Advice

01:42 Investment TV Shows to Drinking at Lunch

02:07 GDPR and Data Protection

02:27 China: A Broad Topic Indeed

02:45 Offshore Tax Havens to DAOs

04:24 Family Dynasties and the London Stock Exchange

04:57 Labour Government Policies and Voting Systems

06:32 Equal Paternity Leave: Good or Bad?

07:31 Balancing Work and Parenting

08:34 Enterprise Zones and Wrapping Up the Quiz


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 289 - Breaking the Bias: Merida Sussex's Journey from Female Musician to Tech Entrepreneur

Merida is founder of MetaGen, an app which simplifies metadata collection to ensure artists receive their fair share of royalties.

We unpack the complexities of music metadata management and its impact on artists' financial stability. Merida explains how MetaGen works to ensure artists receive the royalties they deserve.

Merida sheds light on her journey from musician to tech entrepreneur while dealing with the challenges of venture capital gender bias. We discuss gender perspectives in business, examine stereotypes, societal expectations, and debate why bias issues exist in healthcare.

Merida also explains why sexual harassment in the music industry qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 Welcome to BWB

00:53 The Web of Music Metadata and Royalties

01:21 Merida's Mission: Simplifying Metadata for Musicians

04:42 The Birth and Vision of MetaGen

12:18 AI in Music Metadata Management

14:57 The Business Side: Funding, Monetisation, and Impact

16:30 Emotional and Practical Challenges of Music Metadata

27:59 The Fear of Financials: Musicians vs. Spreadsheets

34:11 The Future of Metadata in Music

36:43 Deep Dive into Metadata and Its Impact

38:37 Challenges and Advice in the Startup World

44:14 Gender Bias and Investment in Startups

48:21 The Complexities of Gender Roles and Bias

53:10 Bullshit In Biz - Sexual Harassment in the Music Industry

56:07 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Merida

01:03:48 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 288 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Paul Sherratt - Founder & CEO - GloveGlu

Founder & CEO of GloveGlu Paul Sherratt is in the quiz seat this week for a rapid-fire session delving into personal anecdotes and broaching topics like the value of family, changing dynamics with generational shifts, and the effects of social media on the business landscape.


00:00 Welcome to BoB quiz

00:49 Business Cards and Health & Safety

01:37 Debate on Spending Time with Kids

02:08 The Impact of TikTok on Business and Personal Life

03:11 Audits, Unique Selling Proposition, and Venture Capital

05:01 Crowdfunding and Social Media in Business

06:07 Reflections on Working with Family in Business

09:13 The Scoring and Conclusion of the Show


BWB is powered by Oury Clark


Episode 287 - Inside the Sports Industry: Product Innovation with GloveGlu’s Paul Sherratt

Paul is founder and CEO of GloveGlu, a global sports brand that specialises in goalkeeper products and services. 

We speak about Paul’s personal and professional journey, from his initial leap into entrepreneurship to creating and scaling GloveGlu. He shares crucial lessons on product development, market analysis, and the significance of adaptability and honesty in business. We discuss business growth, innovation in the sporting goods industry, and share advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Paul also tell us why lazy product buyers qualify for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 Welcome to BWB

00:45 Meet Paul Sherratt: The Man Behind GloveGlu

02:09 Challenges and Triumphs of Scaling a Business

03:25 Exploring the Global Market and Product Innovation

10:22 From Idea to Product: GloveGlu's Origin Story

15:49 Expanding the Market: Beyond Goalkeeping

20:58 Paul's Journey into the Sporting Goods Industry

31:01 Impact of Brexit and Going All In on GloveGlu

34:34 The Entrepreneurial Journey: From Start to Success

35:09 Leveraging COVID for Business Growth

36:08 Innovating Product Lines for Market Advantage

36:41 Navigating Post-COVID Market Dynamics

38:41 Challenges of Protecting Business Innovations

39:12 Building and Managing a Manufacturing Facility

40:17 Facing Industry Challenges and Adapting to Change

42:57 The Power of Perception and Impact of Fitness Trends

44:34 Learning from Past Business Mistakes

51:30 Transparency and Honesty in Business

55:05 Bullshit in Business - Lazy Product Buyers 

59:37 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Paul Sherratt

01:03:40 Final Thoughts and Advice for Entrepreneurs


Paul's recommendations:

How I Built This with Guy Raz (podcast)

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight (book)


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