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James is an entrepreneur, author and speaker who went from running a children's entertainment agency to building a £40 million business empire in leisure, childcare, outdoor attractions, commercial property, historic hotel, arts and crafts manufacturing and one of the UK’s oldest Ice cream companies - The Rossi Ice Cream Company 

James shares valuable insights on various facets of entrepreneurship, and expresses his frustration with taxes on turnover rather than on profit. He addresses the challenges of his industries, offers advice on handling bootstrapped businesses and explains why the UK government’s lack of support for entrepreneurship qualifies for the big bin of bullsh*t


00:00 Welcome to BWB

01:21 James's Entrepreneurial Journey

02:37 The Business of Property and Childcare

03:18 James's Future Business Goals

05:49 The Challenges of Running a Business

06:36 The State of Childcare in the UK

09:02 The Impact of Taxes on Businesses

19:37 The Importance of Thinking Big

23:38 The Role of Personal Branding in Business

25:04 The Challenges of Buying a Business

26:46 Key Business Advice from James

29:28 The Power of Sharing in Business

32:00 The Importance of In-House Accountants

32:27 The Danger of Mismanaging Business Finances

35:59 The Power of Content Creation

36:23 The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

38:24 The Importance of Financial Control in Business

40:25 Lack of Government Support for Entrepreneurs

48:04 Quickfire Round - Getting To Know James

51:53 Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

53:52 Recommended Resources for Entrepreneurs

55:00 The Importance of Effective Marketing


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