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Dave is a former footballer for the England and Great Britain blind football team. His career spanned 17 years with 144 international appearances scoring 128 goals, making him England’s highest all time scorer. He received a lifetime achievement award from the FA and an OBE for his services to Paralympic Sport.

Today, David is currently CEO of the British Paralympic Association.

In this episode, we talk about Dave's sporting career, the workings of blind football, through to perceptions and language about disability. Dave also discusses his role in preparing British Paralympians for the upcoming games in Paris, and the importance of representation and accessibility in the workplace. David also explains why having to constantly think about how to make things suitable for disabled people qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 Welcome to BWB

01:55 Understanding Blind Football

03:35 Communication and Language in Disability

04:43 Interacting with Disabled Individuals

05:40 Empathy and Understanding in Communication

13:24 The Role of the British Paralympic Association

17:41 Evolution and Impact of the Paralympics

22:13 ThIntersection of Disability, Inspiration, and Performance

25:08 Translating Athletic Experience to Business

27:24 Challenges Facing the Paralympic Association

28:05 The Power of the Paralympics Brand

28:43 Understanding Disability in the Workplace

29:42 The Struggle of Employment Among Disabled People

31:49 The Fear of Sight Loss

37:20 Bullshit in Business - Making Things Suitable For Disabled

38:50 Quickfire Round - Getting To Know Dave

40:17 Diversity in the Workplace

47:31 The Upcoming Paralympics

48:27 Conclusion and Farewell


Dave's Recommendations:

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The Salmon Of Doubt (book)


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