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Meet David Spickett, Founder of TheCarCrowd - the UK's first fractional ownership platform dedicated to passion assets with the aim of democratising investment .... starting with classic cars.

Initially based in financial services and consultancy, most recently as the managing director of a UK Fintech business lending company​ ​Liberis​, ​David formed TheCarCrowd in 2019 with a vision to democratise the strongest performing​ ​investment classes and allow passionate people a way of joining together to own and benefit​ ​from the assets they love.

With a growing investment community in the heart of the East Midlands, investors can come​ ​together at events and community dinners to share their passions, and investment stories​ ​together.

“We wanted to disrupt traditional investments and make the items that have​ ​been traditionally reserved for the rich available to a wider audience.​ ​Enabling petrol heads and savvy investors a chance to come together and​ ​benefit from investing in the assets of their dreams.”

Strap in, press play and hold on to your seatbelt!

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