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Louise is founder of Popcorn Kitchen, an artisanal popcorn brand who pride themselves on making “sublime, best-in-class popcorn since 2012”

We talk about Popcorn Kitchen’s humble beginnings and its Covid-curved turning point, where Louise plans to take the business and the challenges she's facing, the delights of snacking culture, the dilemmas of sweet vs. savoury and why people who don't own up to their mistakes qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:26 Getting to Know Louise Webb and Popcorn Kitchen

01:13 The Challenges of Running a Small Business

01:54 The Journey Towards Sustainability

03:37 Navigating the Online Marketplace

04:12 The Seasonality of Popcorn Sales

05:27 Exploring Different Popcorn Flavours - LIVE!

06:14 The Origins, Growth and Future of Popcorn Kitchen

17:05 Discussing Past Mistakes and Learning Experiences

20:57 The Importance of Setting Goals

21:24 The Dangers of Misleading in Business

23:19 Industry Frustrations

23:35 The Importance of Admitting Mistakes

26:02 Quickfire Round: getting To Know Louise Webb

29:46 Popcorn Kitchen Pitch and Closing Remarks


Louise's recommendation:

Chernobyl: The New Evidence (Channel 4 documentary)


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