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Thomas is a former Premier League footballer and founder of The Turmeric Co.

He played for West Bromwich and Wales before retiring in 2021 to focus on bringing awareness to the power of natural nutrition. He founded The Turmeric Co in 2018 after finding his homemade turmeric blend invaluable in supporting his recovery from injury and the physical demands of training.

We discuss Thomas's experiences as a professional footballer, his struggle with injuries, his recovery using his homemade turmeric blend, and how this led to the birth of the company. We unpack the business's market impact, the vision for The Turmeric Co. and why Thomas thinks most 'health' drinks and supplements qualify for the big bin of bullsh*t.


00:22 The Birth of the Turmeric Co.

01:45 The Power of Self-Development and Perseverance

02:54 The Journey into Professional Football

06:04 Overcoming Injury and the Birth of a Health Solution

09:04 The Impact of Turmeric Co. Shots

15:15 The Challenges and Triumphs of Manufacturing

20:34 The Role of Nutrition in Health and Wellness

24:01 The Future of The Turmeric Co.

29:57 The Impact of Processed Food on Health

31:21 The Power of Natural Nutrition and Community

32:12 The Truth About The Juice Industry

33:45 The Science Behind Juice Processing

35:59 The Challenges of Manufacturing and Distribution

36:46 The Vision for The Tumeric Co

37:17 The Power of Advertising and Consumer Psychology

48:41 Bullsh*t In Business - 'health' drinks and supplements

49:47 The Future of Health and Wellness

54:01 The 10 Second Quickfire Round: Getting To Know Thomas

58:00 Closing Remarks


Thomas's Recommendation:

Psycho-Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz (book)


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