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Lee is Co-Founder and CEO of Global Street Art, the UK’s largest mural painting organisation, creating incredible murals for commercial and community initiatives.

Lee co-founded Global Street Art in 2012, organising murals with artists and local property owners, and since then, the agency has delivered over 2,500 murals for communities across London, and hundreds of commercial murals in over a dozen countries.

We discuss Lee’s career journey so far, from his background as a scientist and experience in finance, to his entrepreneurial endeavours and commitment to promoting street art and community initiatives. Lee also explains why entrepreneur demigod worshipping qualifies for the big bin of bulls**t


00:00 Welcome to BWB

02:08 Lee's Journey with Global Street Art

03:22 The Impact of Murals in Communities

04:54 The Business Side of Global Street Art

06:11 The London Mural Festival

08:14 The Role of Art in Public Spaces

10:45 Challenges and Opportunities in the Industry

14:00 Lee's Personal Journey and Passion for Art

16:44 Reflections on Society, AI, and Education

22:28 The Can-For-Can Initiative

26:05 Lee's Background and Journey to Art

28:44 Work-Life Balance in the Art Industry

29:58 The Early Days of Global Street Art

31:53 The Role of Co-Founders in Business

33:51 The Power of Storytelling in Business

36:53 Bullshit in Biz - Entrepreneur Demigod Worshipping

40:30 The Role of Collections in Art

40:36 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Lee Bofkin

52:39 The Importance of Happiness in Entrepreneurship

55:19 Lee's 30 Second Business Pitch

56:01 Wrap Up


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