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Founder and CEO of MetaGen Merida Sussex is in the quiz seat this week discerning between what is business and what is bullshit on topics like audits, government grants, to drinking at lunch and office spaces in the meta verse. 

We also hear her perspectives on a bunch of things like the dynamics of family businesses, the role of equal paternity leave, and thoughts on decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs)


00:00 Welcome to BoB quiz

00:48 Audits: A Crucial Business Practice

01:18 Exploring Government Grants and Advice

01:42 Investment TV Shows to Drinking at Lunch

02:07 GDPR and Data Protection

02:27 China: A Broad Topic Indeed

02:45 Offshore Tax Havens to DAOs

04:24 Family Dynasties and the London Stock Exchange

04:57 Labour Government Policies and Voting Systems

06:32 Equal Paternity Leave: Good or Bad?

07:31 Balancing Work and Parenting

08:34 Enterprise Zones and Wrapping Up the Quiz


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