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Simon Goodman is founder of Over the Moo who are leading the charge for recyclable pouches of ethically made bite-sized, dark chocolate coated chunks.

We discuss the importance of sustainably sourced ingredients and the brand's commitment to eco-friendly practices. We hear about Over The Moo's future plans, challenges in the dairy-free market and Simon’s transition from a family-owned button manufacturing business to launching an ice cream brand. We also touch on the impact of globalisation, and the significance of innovation in staying relevant.

Simon also explains why greenwashing and acronyms qualify for the big bin of bullshit


00:00 Welcome to BWB

00:27 Diving Into Over The Moo's Dairy-Free Delights

02:54 The Journey of Over The Moo: From Australia to Global Ambitions

06:09 Exploring the Coconut Craze and Ethical Considerations

08:30 Simon's Entrepreneurial Journey and the Future of Over The Moo

15:29 The Challenges and Triumphs of a Family Business Legacy

24:34 Navigating Family Business Dynamics

26:07 The Future of the Family Business and Generational Wealth

30:37 The Challenges of Running a Business and Environmental Concerns

36:41 Advice for Entrepreneurs and Founders

38:18 Bullshit In Business - Greenwashing and Acroyms

39:37 The Quickfire Round: Getting To Know Simon Goodman

42:00 Reflecting on Business, Family, and Personal Growth


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