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Gary is a former trader and now inequality economist who’s known for becoming Citibank’s most profitable trader in 2011 by predicting there would be an increase in economic inequality. Since then, he left trading and now campaigns for solving inequality.

Gary joins us to talk about his debut book The Trading Game: A Confession

We talk about Gary's transition from the trading floor to being a critic of economic inequality and wealth concentration. We discuss systemic economic issues, the societal and psychological impact of the wealth gap, the need for fair wealth distribution and how we can achieve it.

From proposing international taxes to addressing socio-economic implications, we break down the complexities of wealth distribution, take a look into the world of billionaires and trading, and explore Gary’s advocacy for a deeper common understanding of economics.


00:00 Andy’s Opening Confession 

02:20 Welcome to BWB

03:41 Meet Gary: From Trader to Equality Campaigner

04:37 Global Economy and Wealth Inequality

06:59 Dynamics of Wealth and Taxation

09:42 Personal Stories and the Impact of Background

11:02 The Trading World: A Closer Look

15:11 Unhappiness Among the Wealthy

22:15 Structural Problems of Capitalism and Taxation

33:27 Exploring Solutions to Wealth Inequality

36:36 Impact of Wealth Hoarding on Society

37:39 Psychological Aspects of Wealth and Status

38:04 Personal Reflections on Wealth and Privilege

38:22 Influence of Wealth on Opportunities and Happiness

39:07 Misconceptions of Wealth and Success

43:32 Exploring the Roots of Inequality and Its Solutions

48:19 Ramifications of Growing Inequality

55:40 Reflections on Wealth and Happiness

59:55 Advice and Insights from a Former Trader

01:02:14 Navigating the Publishing and YouTube Worlds

01:03:15 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Gary

01:05:18 Gary's top tip for entrepreneurs


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