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The Humble Penny founder and co-author of Financial Joy Ken Okoroafor jumps in the quiz seat this week giving his views on a range of business terms.

Ken particularly emphasises the importance of understanding various financing options, advantages of intrapreneurship, necessity of insurance, preparing for life's inevitabilities and the significance of personal financial management.


00:00 Business or Bullshit quiz Ken Okoroafor

00:27 The Burn Rate Debate: Business or Bullshit?

00:50 Private Equity: Overhyped or Essential for Growth?

02:41 Intrapreneurship: Making Money Within Your Job

03:40 Love-Hate Relationship with Internal Meetings

04:15 The Role of Guerrilla Marketing

05:04 The Importance of Health and Safety Regulations

05:54 From Sales Funnels to Sophisticated Investors

06:13 Life Insurance: A Must-Have Financial Safety Net

10:42 Wrapping Up with Ken: Insights and Farewells


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