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Ben is the the founder and CEO of Boxer, a boxing promotion company valued at £25,000,000.

Starting with a £10,000 loan at the age of 23, Ben successfully broke into the boxing promotional industry, a feat not achieved since the 1970s. Now at 30, he has secured exclusive contracts with Sky Sports in the UK and NBC in America. 

We discuss the uniqueness of the boxing industry, its' lack of brands, and Ben’s journey in creating a successful brand within this space. We speak about the importance of understanding the business side of sports, the challenges of promoting in a fragmented sport, and the significance of boxing as a sport that changes lives and builds character.

Ben also explains why politics within the boxing industry qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 BWB with Ben Shalom

01:24 Breaking Into Boxing and Building a Brand

03:14 Boxing's Challenges and Opportunities

14:14 Innovating and Expanding in the Boxing World

21:35 Accessibility, Diversity, and Global Reach

25:30 The Eccentric Tales of Henry VIII

25:58 Boxing Politics

27:19 The Digital Age of Boxing and Its Global Appeal

28:10 Understanding Boxing Championships

29:29 The Cultural Impact of Boxing in the UK

33:06 Personal Insights and the Business Side of Boxing

35:16 Navigating the Boxing Industry

41:33 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Ben

46:19 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs and Final Thoughts


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