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Conal is the founder of Mr. Bug, a revolutionary pet food company using insect protein. 

We talk about Conal’s pivot from the music industry to starting an insect farm during lockdown, highlighting the sustainability and health benefits of insect-based pet food. We talk about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in the pet food industry, the process of farming mealworms, and the potential of insects as a sustainable food source. We discuss the regulatory landscape, the importance of grants for innovation, and the societal barriers to accepting insects as food.

Conal also explains why government grant scheme's frameworks qualify for the big bin of bullsh*t


00:00 BWB with Conal Cunningham

00:30 Diving Into the World of Insect Protein

02:48 From Lockdown Idea to Insect Farming

03:49 Efficiency and Sustainability of Mealworm Farming

08:05 The Future of Insect Consumption

11:57 Grants and Challenges of Insect Protein Production

13:44 Beyond Pet Food to Global Nutrition

19:49 The Complexities of Protein Sources

21:35 Preparing for a Plan B in a Changing World

23:09 The Financial Struggles of Bootstrapping

23:39 Raising Funds and Navigating Investment Schemes

24:30 Market Growth and Product Development

25:13 The Quirks of Pet Food Preferences

25:49 Insect-Based Diets: A Sustainable Future?

28:34 Addressing Industry Challenges and Innovations

32:40 The Irony of Animal Love and Consumption

34:27 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Conal

36:45 Top Tips for Founders and Entrepreneurs

43:03 Closing Thoughts and Recommendations



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