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Melina Jacovou joins Dominic and Juliet on this week’s episode of Business Without Bullsh-t. Melina’s a very prominent figure in the UK digital industry. She founded Propel in 2001 and has grown it into one of the largest independent digital talent business in the UK, winning a MARA Award for “Best Large Agency” in 2012.

Melina’s also a passionate Thought-Leader, Writer and Public Speaker, challenging debates around women in business, gender pay gaps, diversity, future technology, the effects of the gig economy and the importance of company culture. She’s been named in the Hospital Club’s “Top 100 Influential People in Digital", has won MARA Award for “Best Human Resources Boss” and LOVES her food, wine and juices!

The three have a great conversation about all sorts including how agencies find and attract talent, what the future of the workplace and even London looks like post-COVID; the scale of companies bouncing back and causing a boom, career advice for young people, debate about whether or not 'glass ceilings’ actually exist in the workplace plus loads more. 

Melina really doesn’t hold back from giving so much of herself in this conversation. All value, zero bullsh-t. 

As always, pull up a chair, press play and soak it all in!


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