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Luke Sequeria, Founder and CEO of Numadic joins Andy and Dominic this week on BWB.

With a background in Computer Science and Engineering, Luke's been a serial Entrepreneur since his mid-teens founding a number of companies, his latest being Numadic which builds apps and APIs that enable financial transactions for mobility and logistics in India.

The three take a deep dive into Luke’s life and career and what he’s learned along the way. We hear about Luke’s experiences growing up in India, what drove him to become the person he is today as well as his thoughts on what he believes it takes to become an entrepreneur, how to successfully manage a company, and how he likes to approach building relationships with his team. The conversation goes broader with Luke sharing his views on the psychology behind running a successful business and where he feels people go wrong.

We also kick off our brand new feature - Business or Bullsh-t Quickfire Round! where we reel a list of terms and phrases to our guests who have to tell us whether they think it's business or just plain BS.

The amount of value Luke gives in this conversation is truly unquantifiable. He’s a man of great intelligence and wisdom all of which he shares wholeheartedly in this episode. An essential listen for everyone, business or non.

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