Coronations and Cleaning Up on TikTok

Coronations & Cleaning Up on TikTok

Posted on: 4 May, 23

It’s May, and it’s hard to move without bumping into a bank holiday. Oury and Clark are here to provide you with some light entertainment (and advice about the importance of auditors) to help you enjoy your long weekends.

oury excitement

Have you heard the news? Actually you can’t have missed it, it’s been all over the media around the world.

clark excitement

The King’s Coronation? of course I have Oury, I’ve already started prepping my quiche.

oury rolls_eyes
clark sad

Oh, sorry to hear that, terrible to get ill just ahead of a bank holiday.

oury positive
clark normal

9M! That is nearly double the population of New Zealand. Must be great to show how well we understand people from that part of the world.

oury doubt

Ah, erm, yes. Shame it’s based on a misunderstanding. Well a mishearing. You’d have to watch it to, well understand.

clark laugh

Just watching now, ah, see what you mean, oops, can’t be helped. Anyway people rate us for our advice, not our hearing.

oury positive

We do advice as well as the Royal family do pomp and ceremony.

clark normal

And we have auditors to make sure we don’t leave a mess.

oury angry
clark normal

Oh I expect they have an army of robots or something. Of course, in the old days they’d have had an actual army.

oury normal

That’s true. On a different note I have some sound advice for you for this weekend.

clark intrigued

I’m all ears.

oury laugh

Don’t forget to check which day your bins go out, and make sure you check whether it’s recycling week or not.

clark positive

You’re always on the money Oury, have a marvellous May weekend.

oury positive

And the same to you and all of our friends and clients lucky enough to have an extra day off.


We are but two fictitious characters throwing out ideas and comment to stimulate debate and collect information. As professional service firms, we are open-minded people and think independent thought and debate are essential to help us understand as well as navigate complex problems. By joves – doing business across Europe (and the world) is set to become a whole lot more complex in light of recent seismic political events. As businesses – we provide information and hopefully some wisdom – and we see this blog and its caricatures merely as a much more fun, perhaps slightly controversial, way of stimulating debate and collecting ideas. We’re searching for some true pearls of wisdom, and as we find them, we’ll share them with you.

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